Excuse the light posting. But here are a couple of updates

Pauls market has Chicken Quarters (Legs&Thighs) for $.66 a lb. in a 10 lb. bag
Albertsons has “London Broil” $1.99 per lb. This is a great cut of meat that can be broiled, roasted and stewed. It is my favorite cut to use when  I’m making jerky.
Walgreens has T-shirt (Hanes and Jer-Zee) 4 for $10.00 on sale until 5 Mar. 11.  With Cotton jumping in price you need to get your undies and socks along with everything else. It’s always best to get it on sale!! I buy name brands with these items because of  the quality and how long they last compared to the no-name brands.

With so much happening in the world my mind seems to be all over the place. Panic right now is a rational response, it’s just not a very helpful one! I’m trying to get a few postings that give you some info and how to prioritse what you need to get and what you may want to get depending on you can afford to spend. I hope to have the posts up this weekend that will help folks just starting out and those that have been prepping for awhile.


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