Get your basics first! Then you can go play

You must get your basic living stuff first! My top 5 of stuff to have in your home. That will get you through any “minor” emergencies. Then you work on skills and sustaining. Most of us can’t have cows or sheep or goats. Our gardens tend to small. It all helps but most of us are at the mercy of JIT deliveries and the supply train.
#1 Don’t be dependent on the supply chain. It’s to fragile, Buy ahead 6 months to a years worth of food. You will at least have a growing season to work with and preserve.
#2 Learn skills:  baking bread each loaf costs me about 30 cents. That’s power and ingredients, but I bought when ingredient were low cost. How much are you spending at the store for bread? Artisan breads are about the same price per pound, about 30 cents. different techniques but ingredients tend to be the same, cooking time the same.
#3 Never underestimate the greed and stupidity of people.I bet this year we will see all kinds of down comforters and quilts at yard sales. Cause they aren’t in fashion. I’ll bet that folks hit the local hardware store and got all kinds of “snow clearing” equipment, home heaters, fuel jugs, lanterns and it will be on display at yard sales. Think ahead, get those oil lamps, candles, sleeping bags. As many folks that needed stuff since it didn’t get really into hard times it won’t happen to them.
#4 Learn, get books I’m anywhere from a week to 3 months ahead of the power curve. It’s not cause I’m so brilliant. I’m just an amateur historian and I take in a lot of info.
#5 The American Dream is dead, and we killed it. We allowed it to happen. Admit it and move along. Just stop denying. it. We screwed up, the boomers, us and our kids. Your fault, My fault, No ones fault it doesn’t matter we got to fix it.

I want folks to wake up. Bad things are happening and we are descending into a dictatorship. No president can decide what laws he will enforce. If he disagrees with a law he may fight it/repeal it or submit a new law. But not enforce it? Next is contract law. If I tear up a contract that makes it null and void. If a Mortgage holding bank shreds a note isn’t it null and void? Not according to Washington states new bill.
We bailed out the bankers cause if we didn’t the economy would collapse. Yet those banks got bigger and Frank Dodd bill were good with that.

Go Galt and get local is my answer. Starve the beast and the beast is the feds.Think about a co-op. You can’t fight the Fed or City hall. So I won’t. Co-ops worked great in the 30’s-80’s. It may take some tweaking but it’s doable. Go barter and trade.
 Now I’ll have some low level ideas for trade later this week.

4 Responses to Get your basics first! Then you can go play

  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    Good stuff Jamie : )It is a great idea to have a "shopping list" for items you want so if you or anyone in your family or group spots them at yard sales or Goodwill ect they can pick them up at really good savings.I have a good supply of quality wool clothing like WoolRich and Icebreaker and boots (for toddler to adult) purchased at the Goodwill type stores for pennies on the dollar.SOOOO I think I will go update that "yardsale list" now ; )

  2. Rhonda says:

    Good post,Jaimie!!I cant wait till the garage sales in this area start.I plan on hittin' them all every weekend.Whoo-hoo…..

  3. I don't think you can go wrong on these items. Still under warranty, mostly solid. I didn't think I'd see folks sell silver since it's still going up like a rocket. Some folks can take some profit and walk away, good on them. I'll buy the leftovers. I'm very big on having stuff in hand and of value. Be it rice, flour, gas or solar power. If you can't touch it it's not yours. Most Americans are still wrapped up in TV(circuses) and unemployment/food stamps(Bread)Funny how things haven't changed in 2000 years. Hell if we could just print money and make us all rich don't you think every Government would do it? Well most have fiat and it never works. No major economies are on any standard. Not gold, silver, tulips or colored beads.Get stuff (something real) to survive and trade. It might be a loaf of bread, meat, eggs, silver and gold. Get skills, ask a 20 something about basic 1st aid? darning a sock or making a quilt? But I bet they can text fast! Perhaps we need new questions on the SAT's text is to survival as……

  4. Hammer look at store prices to get your price point. Be it jars, cast iron or hardware. A scoff of… I can get it the local Pawn Shop for less and follow up. Never discount your Pawnshop owner's loyalty. Now the guy I deal with has no issues that if the Fed's come calling he may suffer a fire and possibly a flood as well. Gosh I love living in Idaho!

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