Your Life according to the Government

February 11, 2011

Using real world events to practice your survival Part 3

February 9, 2011

Now these items are about your home and your morale. Hopefully you got your food, water, fuel a little cash on hand. This is about what you do before the storm hits.
Clean your house: Anything that takes power, dishwashers, vacume cleaners, washer and dryers use them now! Get those chores done before the storm hits.
Cook and bake ahead of the storms so all you need to do is reheat your meals. 
Get some Ice melt, or even regular salt, and salt down on side walks before the storm. It will make it easier to shovel and keep ice from forming and making them so slick.
If you use an electric blanket switch out for regular blankets at the first report of the big storm coming.
Have books, puzzles, board and card games ready to go for entertainment.
Make sure all cell phones and radios are charged up and put in new batteries in all. Plus your smoke/Carbon Monixide detectors.
Have a couple of tarps and duct tape so if you need to close off rooms to save heat.

After the storm: Stay at home if possible, I’m sure some of you will have to go to work. But if you don’t have to venture out  DON’T.
Washing hands: don’t skip this, Put a big pot of water on to boil and use it for all your needs. But use that picnic jug or a thermos so you have warm water for cleanups and washing. If you don’t have these items Hand sanitizer and a spray bottle with a couple of tablespoons of bleach and water will sanitize surfaces.

Lastly the good news: I bet this summer folks will sell many storm items at yardsales or give them away at thrift stores. You may get some great deals on that stuff, so plan on cash to take advantage of  those bargains.

Using real world events to practice Part 2

February 8, 2011

El Paso has over 7000 resident either without water or with a boil order for all water. Might not be so bad if they had power to boil water. The entire state of N.M. is under a state of emergency due to both gas and Electricity being out or at least minimal power is being used up.
While I’m staying away from the political aspects in Egypt. ATMs ran out of money, markets closed, jobs and businesses shut down for the marches and riots. They( Egyptians) only have 2-3 days food on hand. Either because of lack of funds or lack of refrigeration. Look at your budget and see how much you spend on food? Even with prepping it’s around 15%-20% of your pay per month now up that to 50% food cost for your average Egyptian. Could you pay your bills if food took 50% of your pay? I couldn’t even 30% would kill my budget. Well that’s not true I can survive 30% inflation on one item. Yet it’s never just 1 item. Every time you go to the grocery store your dollars will not buy as much as it did 6 months ago. You go to the gas station 6 months ago you could fill up for $30.00 now it costs you $40.00 or more. It’s not getting better it’s getting worse on the costs of the basics.
A few ideas to make the best of a bad situation:
Be independent of the grid if possible. A camp stove, propane heater or wood fireplaces, some solar power even if it’s yard lights charge them up and use them as night lights.Heck the Dollar store is carrying them now.  It’ll keep you from stepping on the cat.  Kerosene heaters and lamps, candles and matches.
Have cash on hand $50-$100.00 to buy what you need. maybe a couple of 1/2 ounce silver coins. Don’t think a check,debit, or credit card will be good. Best to plan ahead and have a bit of food, fuel, ammo and water before SHTF.
We have seen FEMA in action during Katrina. Heck we saw people during Katrina. And the looting mindset took hold.Same thing during Rodney King. They burned Watts yet again. Not Beverly Hills. I don’t like riots and burning and attacking folks in your neighborhood. Why it’s like burning my own home down to to protest the Feds. I’m not saying not protest, but be effective and don’t destroy your your own neighborhoods and homes.

I’ve become a criminal

February 6, 2011

Yes me, I’m so Dudley doo Right I can’t play GTA cause I suck at running over cops in video game. I have been declared a criminal by the state of Idaho because my 2003 kia may cause smog. Never mind I drive only 2500 miles per year, but it’s okay. The first couple of weeks I was bit paranoid. Now I don’t mind flaunting a stupid law. You win! I hope you are proud of your tummytickles of Fed funds. Do you think anyone will be be proud of your half ass stands for states rights or the going after nullification. Let’s face it States, you suck at the government teat and you won’t grow up and be independent. I’ll give you the sound and fury signifying nothing. but it makes good politics.
Will you make criminals of us all?

Using Real World events to practice your preps/survival Part One

February 6, 2011

        Last week I gave you a couple of chores of getting gas and rice because of rising costs and events in the world. Here in the good ole USA we have had one hell of a snow storm and rolling blackouts in Texas. (Hospitals loss power, but not the Stadium hosting the Super Bowl). Folks in New Mexico are out of Natural Gas and Electricity is down not cause down lines because the people have exceeded capacity.  In Egypt folks couldn’t afford food before the riots. Now they can’t get food because shops are closed and they can’t work because of the riots.
     Now this isn’t about politics no matter how we got to this point. We have to deal with it. If you are in places that took a hit I bet you noticed a few gaps in your prep. You do your best, but I never thought I’d see the USA start begging Mexico for electricity! It shows how weak our power grid really is now a days.So moving forward here are a few of the things I did to get ready and practice.
     Last week I got a Mr. Heater used and tested it out for heating (Keeping a room or two at 65 degrees)and how long a little canister of propane would last at different heat settings. I turned off the furnace in the evening ( outside temp. about 15 degrees)  ran the Mr. Heater for about 3 hours on low then turned it off and went to bed. The next morning it was a brisk 59 degrees so I fired up Mr. Heater on high for 30-45 minutes to take the chill off then turned to low for 2 1/2 hours until it ran out of fuel. All in all it did a good job but a fan would be a big help. I think 6 hours was acceptable for a small canister of propane. I think having the adapter hose for a 20# tank would be wise to have on hand since it gives you more flexibility. Always turn off at the tank and let the heater go out . Your hose will last longer.
     Now to make it a more personal disaster your central heat furnace just died. It’s the weekend and let’s face it you are not ready for the expense of a new furnace, so what do you do? Well I went down to Big Lots and bought a little space heater with a fan for $15.00 and I had a space heater in the RV for when I have access to electric hookup. These are about 12 in.x 12 in made of plastic and both work as fans as well as heaters. Not only did both of these heater keep over 1000 sq. ft. of the house warm, the are raising the temp through out the house. While I’m happy at 68 degrees I am somewhat sensitive to cooler temps and I have always had cooler rooms in the house. I don’t have that happening with these little space heaters. Now my home is very well insulated so a little heat goes a long way. I think if it doesn’t turn out to be to expensive on electricity, I’ll stay with these little heaters for the rest of winter.
   Alternate energy  I think having several fuel sources for cooking and heating should be a basic rule for everyone. I have a propane heater now, and a propane oven/stove that I got a couple of years back. A kerosene heater and kerosene lamps. Plus an old RV, that has a newer DC/propane fridge and the normal oven and heat that is propane. So as you can see I have several back ups of everything need for heat, cooking and light. I’m working on a Solar powered system for the RV mostly because the DC fridge gives me away to keep food longer if electricity goes out. I can power the batteries with solar panels instead of gas. Generators have to be serviced regularly and tested out otherwise all you have is a very heavy paperweight. Give your generator a good run under load a couple of times a year and keep extra oil and filters on hand. Plus if you have a car you can have a generator by adding at least a small inverter of 300 watts or less in the cigerette lighter spot, over that  wattage you will have to connect direct to the battery.You will be able to charge your phones and keep some of your smaller stuff going. If you get one of the “car coolers” and 12 volt DC items you can do okay as long as your fuel hold out. A couple of solar panels could keep your car’s battery charged with out using gas. Since a good generator can cost several hundred dollars a couple of solar panels an inverter and using your existing batteries can get you a cheap start and give you something to build toward the future.
   As you can see if you start thinking out of the box and with some small purchases you can be proactive on heat, light and energy. You can always start small and build on it if you think ahead and don’t get caught up in panic.I did not use charcoal as a heat sourse since many folks get dead from using unvented grills and stoves. A battery powered Carbon Monoxide detector should be a must buy for anyone. Turn off any unvented flame devices at night. Yeah being cold when you get up sucks, but I don’t think it’s worth dying over. The whole point of this is not to get DEAD.

Well I had my "Mad" on, now back to work.

February 3, 2011

Okay I hope I have convinced most folks to have staples of  rice, wheat, corn, canned meats, veggies and fruit on hand. Making/planning  a garden. But what about meat? Bunnies
While I live in an agricultural area, and many folks are all about self-reliance. I need a permit for chickens that costs. The city code makes for hoops to jump through, and each hoop cost money. What bust this is bunnies, they are mostly ignored in city codes and treated as pets. They are quiet, heck you can train them to use a litter box. They provide good lean meat. Great manure that is not hot and can be spread on gardens, lawns at any time. The fur and skins are great for tanning. Yes, a rabbit has enough brains to “tan it’s hide” (Google it)
Now if rabbits have a fault it is a very lean meat. (Goggle “rabbit starvation”) so you will need fats in your diet. If you are like me and most Americans that is not a problem. at least for the first 6 months. You got your fat stored, on your body. I bet you have “skinny” clothes in your closet.
You are probably good for clothes for awhile. But can you repair cloth and make clothes? Look at a tripling of sweats, shorts, undies and shoes. Anything that has cotton will go up in price, a t- shirt you buy today  at $2.50 will go up to $4.50 in a couple of months. A few dollars on clothes is no big deal. A few more dollars on food is no big deal. A few more dollars fuel is no big deal. A few more dollars in taxes is no big deal.  Add them together it’s a big deal!
Since I live on about $18,000 per year every dollar counts. I don’t get the modest income of Robert Gibbs of $172,000 per year. This is not a rant against the rich. Get all you can when you can morally. I worked in the military and on my best year I got $36,000. counting benefits the Feds want to cut.  Give me $172,000.00 for 3 years.
Gold always runs uphill, you give a poor person a bunch of money. The smart ones payoff debt and invest. The dumb ones buy toys, big cars, boats and homes. Ben stop investing in banks and give it to the people. I mean if you want to be Socialist put the money where it will do the most good. A million dollars is chump change to bankers. Sure it will cause inflation( You like that) but Main Street will clear the debt. Banks profit since they have real reserves and clear off bad debt.
What would you do if given a million dollars? I’m sure you would spend it/invest it.
TARP is looking at 1 trillion in cost and debt. 300 million citizens in the USA. The feds could have given every person in the USA 1 million dollars each and it would have been cheaper than TARP. think about that when reps talk about COLA.

Did you ever just get a "Mad" on for no specific reason? Tha’s me tonight

February 2, 2011

     First off a couple important notes on where you may want to focus this month. Rice is booming on the Commodity Markets. Many countries are reducing or banning export of rice, Brazil being one of the biggest. The USA is actually reducing the number of acres of rice by about 9% this year according to the USDA. All of the nations that are having “Food protests and Riots” are buying any kind of food they can now. Which is also driving prices up. Not to mention the US policy of printing or digitizing our money is creating inflation world wide. I have seen rice creeping up in price in the last 6 months from around $12.00 per 50 # bag to $19.00. I think we could see rice go to $25.00 or more per 50# bag in the near future and limiting quantities again like the USA stores did in 2008. If you can you may want to focus on white and “parboil” rice for the next month. A hint for you who’s rice gets sticky or gummy , just rinse the rice in cool water before cooking. Wow! what a difference it makes to the cooked product.
     I know, I know, I told you just a couple of days ago to get extra fuel and I’m beating the crap out of your budgets. God knows I’m getting creative on my budget because of these blow ups. I should spend about $200.00 to compensate and or get ahead of the herd and I only got $100.00 to spend. I’m not telling you to blow your budget, just maybe focus it on some different products right now if possible.

I finally get to where I can have some “Mad” money on hand and the whole bloody world goes MAD. I think that’s why I’m so pissed. I’m mad at the damn system of bankers, Wall Street and despots and politicians that are crushing folks in the relentless pursuit of profits and power. Whores have better morals than these folks or at least are more forthright.

Our government won’t protect our borders but want to regulate your salt intake and milk spills. You can get all kinds of crap on EBT/Foodstamps and WIC but we don’t like potatoes, you must eat more arugula. The Feds want you all to get “Local” and innovate. Yet if you do and can’t afford lobbyists to write the tax bills, get grants or just aren’t trendy. Well sorry about that, Your business will die but don’t worry we will borrow money in your name for all kinds of benefits for you.
Cattle, sheep and pigs were bred to eat what we can’t (grasses) and turn it into protein we can eat. What do they eat in this country? Grains we can eat, you have to pay extra for domesticated animals to eat what they were designed by nature to eat. Hell, we burn food in our cars at huge environmental cost because Sparky the politician wants to suck up to big Agriculture.

Please stop helping us!! I don’t think we can take much more of your help.