With all the Manure piling up. There must be a pony in here somewhere!

I tend to be an optimistic person, but a realist as well. I think we all agree that things will get tougher in the future.  We just don’t know how bad or when it will happen. But I’d like to go over many of the positive things that have happen to me and how much I’ve changed since I started preparing.
Probably  the most profound change is how I think about money and how much I’m learning about the markets and economics. Now money is just a means to and end not an end to itself. I don’t think of $20.00 as $20.00 but as 50# of rice, an extra can of gas, 1/2 an oz. of silver or a delivered pizza. For me this was a profound change and I’m still evolving and learning more all the time.
I admit I was on the wheel of trying to game the system make some money. Flip a house, get in the stock market, Your credit report determines your value as a “human being”. It took me almost dying and losing everything to realize how wrong I was and what a slave to debt I had become. I patted myself on the back that my “net worth” was going up and at least I didn’t have as much credit card debt as the average American. I was playing the game and “winning” until I lost.
I have gained many new skills by making stuff last longer, buying at lowest prices. Getting a good deal at a yard sale. Making food from scratch, and preserving it for the long term. Learning to trade with neighbors heck I’m now able to give to charity, when I was living the dream I couldn’t afford charity. LOL 
I live on a less now but I think my quality of life is much better than it was as a debt slave. My politics have changed a lot, instead of left vs. right, I’m looking a bit more Libertarian/constitutionalists/liberty type of person. I’m really tired of the us vs. them attitude of American Politics. I think most average folks want many of the same things and we agree on a lot. we just disagree on how to get there sometimes. I think I got wrapped up in the warfare that if an idea came from “them” it was automatically evil. Much easier to react by reflex rather than to think it through. Laziness mentally or physically saves calories and is a survival strategy as long as someone else will save your butt! I think many folks are waking up to the fact that others won’t save our butts and we must save our own butts.


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  1. Rhonda says:

    I know what you are sayin' and where your coming from.At one time in my life all I cared about was keepin' up with the Jones and What we were gonna do that particular weekend….lol…now I am happier and prepared for whatever..Good post.

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