That’s not Fair! of course who runs the game and promised it would be Fair?

      We have all seen the skyrocketing prices and many folks are starting to realize that they have been lied to by the Main Stream Media, Federal, State and local governments, by the TBTF Banks. We have been cheated and rules of the game keep changing in favor of the “Elite”. Of course we played the game too, and as long as it went our way we didn’t mind that the Elite lied, cheated and stole. This isn’t a rant against the rich but the Power Elites, our oligarchs, our aristocracy. The Welfare Queens like Bank of America and “Peggy” who said that Obama would pay her Mortgage and she was getting some Obama Money! 
I know a lot of Americans didn’t give them a free pass. We could see the “Housing Bubble” and Debt Bubble coming just no one wanted to listen to us. We were called names and words like Patriot,  Liberty and the Constitution were held in contempt. To actually believe in those concepts made you a “Nut” and in the NWO/ Conspiracy/ Tinfoil hat, Black Helicopter crowd.
      So, here we are and we know stuff will get worse. The way it used to be is over and whining and panic will not help we got to deal with the world the way it is right now. I’d like to think most of the folks have done some “preparing”  of some sort and are strong in some areas and need some help in the weaker areas. Maybe just a direction to go or what to do next. What has worked for me may not work for you but we got a lot of folks that have done preparing with their own twist and lessons learned.
       My biggest fear is SS and my Vet. disability will get chopped or simply stopped. I can’t work an 8 hour day and no one will hire me even if there were jobs! I don’t blame business they need to get the most bang for the buck and with the new ADA, handicap folks aren’t  usually worth the taking a chance on. So I’ve paid all debts except mortgage and got cheap. I can absorb up to a 10% cut or inflation but I can’t do both for long. I’m trying to set up a barter market for fresh grown fruits and veggies, Home made bread and preserved food. I hope to have some PC parts on and I’m learning to recover Data off of hardrives. I’ve built PC’s as a hobby for over 10 years and I’m good at getting the most bang for a dollar. I’m learning economics and buying hard assets and totally out of paper of all kinds, except Toilet paper. I’m trying to create a skill set that I can do and will have a value. I got an Adult trike and I live in a small city most of what I need is within a 3 mile radius. 5 days a week my Mom and I walk the Mall and even with my walker I can manage about 4 miles.I got great neighbors and we are trying to create a little network of barter and trade.
      Please get rid of any ideas of “Fair” or “they” cheated or lied. Heck even as a kid I learned you can’t change a cheater or a liar. All you can do is to refuse to “play” with them any more and start a new game. Don’t fight just refuse to play the game! You can always fight as a last resort. Sometimes you do have to fight the bullies. But just walking away from the game is just devastating!


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  1. Rhonda says:

    I am glad you are networking and setting yourself up the way you are.I have done so here in my neck of the woods.Lucky for me that one of my sons has the lot next to us.He is a big help to us.And his wife is an angel.We are expanding our garden this year with the idea of sharing the work and the veggies.My 4 grandkids that live next door will certainly be a help(? maybe)……lol.I made a run to Sams yesterday.Stocked up on some more staples.Got aliitle of everything.Gonna go to the Dollar Tree tommorow.Good place to pick up up canned goods.Just took 15 lbs of hamburger meat out of the canner. Ya know,you are a great inspiration to us.You keep going no matter what.I fiqure if you can do all you do while in pain I can too.Thanks for that and all the good info and advice.

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