A few sales to keep you happy! and a little pep talk.

Fred Meyer has a coupon in this week’s ad 3 cans of Tuna $1.00
Petit Sirloin $2.98 per pound Family Pak
Pork Chops $1.69 bone in, Family Pak
MD TP 24 standard rolls $4.99

I’ll have an update on Wednesday if the other flyers have anything to add to for sales and stuff.

It’s getting scary for just average folks. Everything you need to live day to day is jumping in price and it is going to get worse. But I want you to stay focused and keep taking positive steps for yourself and your family. Don’t try for perfection, you won’t make it!!  Get  your long term items then augment. The stores are still offering loss leaders so take advantage of them. I grabbed another 2 cans of coffee at $4.99 each last week. I wanted to get 6 cans,  but I got 9 beautiful sweaters at the Macy’s outlet for $2.00 and $3.00 each instead. That’s a trade off I can live with easily. Have your list but flexible to take advantage of those sales you run across but aren’t advertised and trade off, don’t get both items. If you get both you will break your budget!!

If your are working on the “Getting started” shopping list. You are well on your way on food  basics. Add oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina or grits and you’ll have an easy breakfast covered. Get a good cookbook you will be surpirsed how much you can make using just the basic staples and cooking from scratch. I recommend the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook beacuse they cover all foods, ways to cook them and  they have a basic canning section. Plus they are easy to find at yardsales and Thrift stores.

Spices, Herbs and more spices. Get whole spices if at all possible as they store better and last longer than ground. I love picking up those little grinders and Big Lot’s and the Dollar stores for a dollar. Most can be refilled from the bulk spices bottles or you can make your own spice blends. Start a window herb garden of your favorites Basil, oregeno, mints, sage, chives, parsley are easy to grow indoors. You don’t need a special setup just a sunny window and something that holds soil. Seeds are very cheap and are in stores.

It’s going to be tough but even having 3 weeks of your basics will keep you going and away from the mobs, riots and looters when they figure out what’s happening. We saw how folks reacted this Xmas when they were only getting a good price on a LCD TV or the latest toy. They will be much worse about getting the basics of life.
Keep on doing your best, and don’t give in to fear or panic. 


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