Attitude is everything!

Well it’s not everything but it’s very important! I’ve seen so many Headlines to keep us fearful from Flu, salt, and trans fat, Global warming, Global cooling to “Climate change”. Alar and Red dye #2, Populations exploding, Birth dearth, La nina, El nino, Earthquakes and super volcanoes. We are all going to die!!!!
Well yes, we are all going to die. I’ve studied history and everyone dies. Well since we know how the game ends why try? This is the attitude I get from the elites. You’ll die and your not important in their big scheme. So why should you try? I do it cause I know annoy folks. I don’t know my place. I’m not a serf and I don’t realize I need the PTB’s to survive and thrive. There is a big difference between having no money and being poor and it all attitude. I’m not poor, I just don’t have much money.
Stop playing the game! I’m not saying go all “Ruby Ridge” or Waco/Branch Dravidian. But look at yourself your core beliefs. You know the Fed’s and the media are lying to you! You know it every time you fill your gas tank or grocery shop. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust liars ever. It doesn’t matter why they lie. They just lie.

This takes a lot of work, being mentally strong. Don’t react to the latest news report, research. The Internet is great for this research and get all sides. Follow up don’t believe anyone and get outside your comfort zone. I had a very big problem with this attitude. I’m a recovering Reagan Republican. I still admire him, read his diaries/ book. I understand why he did what he did. That does not make it right.

Grab onto those folks that “make it happen”. Politics can be argued over beverages of choice. Actions speak louder than words. That “Green” you dismiss may have a year round green house, energy. That hunter may have meat. That “gun nut” may patrol the neighborhood and come save your butt.
The thing is stay flexible, don’t buy into class warfare crap and the  “WE are Right and THEY are Wrong.” message.


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