Why do I recommend getting Flour 1st rather than whole grains?

I know we are covering some of the same topics I covered last year. But I think we are getting some new folks trying to get info and are in a bit of a “ditther” that they won’t have time or money before the “Crash”.
Now I’m one of the few blogs that reccomend getting flour right away instead of wheat grains. I do this for a few  reasons.

  1.  With my disability I don’t always have the streangth or energy to grind grain. Having ready made flour on hand is critical for me. 
  2. White flour will last for 5 years, Whole wheat flour for about 2 years. If you are rotating and using your flour and not stuffing it in a bucket and forgetting about it. That’s a lot of storage time.
  3. If you aren’t used to Whole wheat it will have a huge negative impact to your body. If you are just starting to use whole wheat, mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with white flour will give your body time to adjust.
  4. I like white bread better than whole wheat. I don’t mind whole wheat but given a choice I’d pick the white bread first. Since I’m storing what I eat daily I buy white flour.
  5. I’m not against storing whole grains. They are great, plus they can be sprouted for “fresh greens” anytime of year. If you get flour that gives you some time to get a good buy on grains and not panic buy. If you look at most internet stores you are looking to pay $40.00 + for about 45 # of grain. For that price you can get at least 100# of flour and not pay shipping and handling.
  6. You save the cost of a grinder. I think a good hand grinder is a must. Sure you can use your food processor if you have power to grind your grain. Just like shopping for a good buy on the whole grains, I’m hoping to pick up a grinder at the thrift store or at a yard sale.
  7. Flour is easy to store safely. I broke down a 50# bag into 5 or 6 food grade 1 gallon Ziplock bags. That is an easy amount to handle tossed in a couple of Bay leaves then stored them in 10-18 gallon Tupperware storage bins. No problem with bugs or rodents. I now get used Food safe buckets from a local grocery store’s Bakery Dept. for $1.00-$2.00. Make sure you date them so you rotate properly.

This storage is Your food storage, it must work for you.  This is what worked for me.


8 Responses to Why do I recommend getting Flour 1st rather than whole grains?

  1. I started with a couple buckets of flour! Hopefully that way I can ease into grinding my own. Don't forget baking soda,powder,other baking essentials.ChinaIII

  2. China I put yeast, honey, sugar and Butter flavored Crisco for my getting started list. I just noticed how I'm almost alone in recommending Flour as opposed to whole grains. I thought it best to explain my reasoning. I have a fear about folks eating whole grains for the 1st time and being down for a day or more with a bad gut, and the wonders of concentrated Bran!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I dont store a whole of flour but I do use it occasionally.I think I have about 50lbs put back.I prefer the white wheat beeys.

  4. Rhonda says:

    LOL…I cant spell….berrys!

  5. No worries girlfriend we know what you meant. I just worry about our newbies and think all flour is the same! If you want to try whole grains for the first time in a crisis. Please understand that your guts will be tied up 7 ways from Sunday. I don't care that you only eat all wheat "store bought" pasta or bread. They lieI got no problem with folks that go whole grain. Heck I admire them. they are walking the walk. Living the life daily. But if you think you can go from white bread to home made whole wheat in 3 days. Well I hope you are well stocked in tummy meds. Lets say your smart and can live on whole wheat berries. What about your family? In my family just baking bread makes me loon.

  6. Rhonda says:

    My family has really adjusted well.When I know the grandchildren are eating with us I use half whole wheat and half white flour in my bread.I have only gotten to the bread loaves and biscuits stage…lol….I did find a good recipe for cinnamon rolls tho using whole wheat…yummmm!! I use white store bought flour in my gravies and sauces still….someday I will make the full transition.I really didnt have a prob with adjustin'..my hubby did but hes fine with it now.Jaime,you are not a loon..just a lady with her head on straight!!!And a wonderful, warm old soul that wants to help people while she can.

  7. Whole wheat Cinnamon rolls are awesome. Something about the nuttiness of the whole wheat just sets off the sugars just right. I'm glad that most of the family can do whole wheat. Or at least 1/2 & 1/2 you are ahead of the game. Of course I'm brilliant! Yet so many folks fail to see it. LOL /sarcasm

  8. Rhonda says:

    I haven't tried the cinnamon roll recipe yet but will soon.It does sound yummy. Awww,girl…you are gonna be suprised when you realize just how many people do see.I email bk and forth with a couple of folks from Backwoods Home forum.One of them mentioned this blog…she said someone else told her about it.I just laughed and told her that I had been following you from your first post…lol..Hi,Sammy!!I know you out there.You might as well post…you know you want to…lol.Night,Jaimie….

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