Alternate markets

I’m looking at developing a local alternate market based on barter and a handshake. has laid out the basic idea and provides some tools for getting local and off “Fiat Money”. I’m sure quite a few of us are doing or want to do something similar. It can be as simple as trading veggies in the garden for babysitting or pet sitting. We probably do a lot of this just being good neighbors. My neighbor loves homemade bread, She knows vegetarian cooking that I want to learn. So we trade skills as simple as that. She has 25 sweet potato plants on order, I’ve got a catalog that has Stevia seeds she wants to grow. We trade and haggle and reach an agreed on “trade”.
I’m very excited about this idea of getting local and getting off the crazy train that is economics in the USA. I excel at out of the box thinking. Not arrogance it probably kept me out of the “Good Schools” I think we could create a clearinghouse of folks that will trade and barter skills and products.


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