Doing some Trades

It looks like I got my neighbor on board the Alt. Market idea. We are already doing some trade/barter ideas. I have grapes, apples and cherries for fruit. She has plums. She ordered 25 sweet potato plants I’m ordering Heirloom Stevia, Bok choy, Diakon and colorful Kale and we got a little trade going. Sweet potato for stevia. Wow that stevia is pretty good and if we can grow it I can see it stretching the sugar and honey supplies in the long term. It may also be a help for Type 2 Diabetics. She is going to teach me some vegetarian dishes and I’m going to teach her how to bake bread.
Mom and my aunt have a kind of barter system going. Since I had to give my bunnies to my aunt. (She got 6 cages and couple of nesting boxes and 9 bunnies for free.) She is making me a quilt and her work is beautiful.
I also got two rabbits in the freezer. Mom is getting some dwarf citrus trees and I get to grow them. I have the space and a lack of spouse that can go crazy over another big plant or three. LOL
Grabbed a pallet from a neighbor that he was taking it to the dump. It will work great for storage for fuel cans. I can’t prevent a determined thief but I can chain all the cans together and at least make them “work for it”. Plus our dump measures cost by the pound so this will save him a little money or let him add some more for his trash run.
  I’m still working out some basics of trade/barter to have few guidelines in place. The best trades happen when both parties feel they got best deal. What I value may not be what you value but I think a deal could be made. I got a free foodsaver and a comforter for free because some one  was yardselling just wanted it all gone and didn’t want to pack it all inside and find a place for it again. Awesome for me and it worked for him.
It does take some effort you got to walk up and knock on the door. You got to be willing to help and watch out for each other. But I’m constantly amazed how just a little caring can go a long way. Taking over a loaf of bread, a little card, some flowers doesn’t cost much. But shows you care and are willing to be neighbors. If they don’t want to be a part of your community you have an answer as well. Think of this as a “recon” of your environment.
85-90% of most peoples are good folks if not perfect. Now is the time to identify the good and bad. If they slam the door in your face check that block. If they invite you in for coffee or tea, check them into that block. Keep it easy and simple as helping out the neighborhood and folks in it. If they bring up stuff on preparedness or they don’t know what to do you can introduce ideas. I’d recommend the bugout bag of 3 days, or the 3 weeks recommended by the feds. As they grow in preparedness you can add info . Don’t expose what you have stored.


4 Responses to Doing some Trades

  1. Rhonda says:

    Another good post! We are kinda doin' that now.I trade out babysitting for the chores I find impossible for us to do.With my next door neighbor….but …..its my son and his wife…lol…does that count? Will work on getting out to meet and greet,so to speak.It is important..Thx for pointin' that out.Do you buy things and put them away just for barter?I bought a few jars of instant coffee,the little ones they sell at the Dollar Tree.I hate the stuff but someone might be willin' to trade me something I need.Heck…..maybe cinnamon rolls could become a hot…Who knows.My daughter-in-law makes a wonderful loaf of bread.She may become the local baker.All of us need to take stock of the skills we have.Which ones could be useful to a barter type situation.If you find yourself lackin'…then.. Get to work.

  2. ASR,great plan. I used to be one of those people who was to embarrassed to pull something out of the trash or go up and ask someone something. Not anymore,not if it helps me and mine survive!A lot of so called experts say barter won't work.Guess they don't know a lot of folks already barter.Or as we say make a trade! ChinaIII

  3. Rhonda I do buy extra stuff for barter. Simple things like 1st aid and meds, razor blades and safety pins. I got extra laundry soap and little sewing kits. Toothbrushes and toothpaste. Just a few things i pick up at the dollar stores when I have a couple of extra bucks.I got some wind up radios, flashlights and several of the Sterno Emergency kits. When a local dept. store went out of business.I have to watch myself I'm always finding useful stuff, so I could easily spend to much money.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Yeah,I know what ya mean.Its easy to go over your budget.I really havent bought alot of stuff like that…..I am concentrating on getting our needs first.Wind up radios are a great idea tho!!Every place I go it seems like I see things I wish I had the moola for…lol.

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