What went through your mind when you heard about Japan?

Well I knew I was safe from a Tsunami but there hsa been some theorising about earthquake swarms. So I grabbed some stuff from USGS earthquake monitors and a hazad map. Fairly safe area in Idaho but we’ve had a 7.1 mag north of me so I made sure nothing heavy could fall in a quake. Still I think I’ll move the furniture around a bit so I can roll toward a door frame or have the furniture help form a pocket in case the roof caves in. Lot’s of Dams in the area, I’m safe from flooding but I’d probably lose power.
    RV is in a good spot it may take some damage but I think it will be fairly safe. I should augment my tool kit with a heavy duty axe and crowbar, but I got a bow saw and some lighter tools untill I can purchase some this week.
   Nuclear hazard not that there is one, but I have plenty of Duct tape, heavy duty stapler,  Heavy duty Contruction bags, tarps and plastic sheeting to close off the house. I can create some clean rooms to Isolate contamination along with dust masks, plastic suits and boots (basically a rainsuit) I can leave outside if we get contamination.I should get some more sponges and a nail brush and a couple of scrub brushes.
   Since I’m starting my garden in a bucket inside already fresh veggies is taken care of and I can sprout if  needed for food supplies. I already have fresh water stored. I should store a bit more if I use it for sprouting.
    I have to take advantage of those heavy duty benches in the shop and get my fuel supplies closer to them so they are somewhat protected if the shop collapses and I can get to them fairly easily even if I got to dig through rubble. I don’t think we will be able to evacute the valley as the bridges out will be unsafe. Of course that means nothing get’s in either. Fred Meyer has propane tanks on sale so I’m going to pick up two and get at least 1 filled hopefully both!

As you can see I do think of the oddest things! But I have most of these items on hand and a plan on what to do for “What if….” Many of the things you do prepping will help in situations you can’t or don’t think can happen.


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