I’m doing my best trying to get some solid info on Japan to you. It’s not easy

Sorry, I wish I could do better but it seems we are getting bombarded by folks that want to support a position rather than give an unbiased report. Most of the Media is trying to “Be first with the news.” that fact checking has become sorely lacking. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of “Everything is under control.” and “We are all gonna DIE”.
I would recommend that you check the credentials of any talking head on the TV. I’ve seen Financial guys giving opinions on nuclear engineering and particle physics and engineers giving opinions on finance. A PhD. does not make you an expert on everything.
We are dealing with a language barrier and a government that needs to keep panic under control as well as dealing with multiple disasters with a destroyed infrastructure. Murphy’s Law is working with a vengeance and I’m sure the Japanese are truly doing the best they can and want to believe the best of all reports. But it will slant them toward believing the positive. I think it’s more human nature rather than trying to deceive anyone. The truth of Japan’s situation is enough to scare the crap out of anyone.I don’t discount that they maybe lying,  I just think they are desperate and want to believe the best of all reports.
One of the sites I follow that are trying to get out good info are Zerohedge.com it’s in my Blogroll. I’m not saying they are always correct. But seem to give updates and say confirmed or not confirmed. They are big skeptics about any Data from Governments, MSM or the talking heads.
No matter what your values or political beliefs please check out all sources. That Hoax Map that came out panicked a lot of folks for no reason. Folks are buying Potassium Iodine (KI) pills and running stock low for the folks that may need it in Asia. God only knows how many folks in the world started taking the pills and what that will do to them. A bit like starting Chemo-therapy in your 40’s cause you may get cancer in your 60’s.
Simple preparedness is your best bet. Safe food, Safe water, shelter, fuel and security. I’m sorry for the folks of Japan and pray for them. But use this to help yourself to plan/prepare better and use this as a test.


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