Will someone in DC buy a fricking vowel?

Damn, Do these folks do anything beside watch ” American Idol”? Obama is filling out NCAA basketball picks and the Surgeon General is unaware of a run on Potassium Iodine?  but think it’s good idea? Has she talked to a nuke engineer? A particle physicist? We employ a lot of them at INEL and OAK RIDGE.
If the does not prove beyond a shadow  of a doubt that you are on your own I don’t know what will. These folks in charge are morons.
The Mideast and N. Africa are on fire with revolution, Japan had an earthquake, tsunami and 4-6 plants in stages of melt down. All markets closed lower. Japan is closed for the week and Egypt’s markets are still not open.
Bernanke thinks it may drive the markets lower. Hey, you think the 3rd largest world market is melting down, All major producers can’t get power. Japan has bodies washing up on shore and have been told to get under shelter and there is no shelter only rubble piles or not breathe.
This might be a problem, I’m not sure about others but breathing is high on my survival skills. Blows that whole saving water bit all to hell if I’m not allowed to breathe.

3 Responses to Will someone in DC buy a fricking vowel?

  1. Mayberry says:

    We are "led" by idiots, (s)elected by idiots, to "represent" idiots. Our public schools and universities turn out brainwashed morons who can't even change a tire, and the rest are welfare crackheads. Japan was rebuilt by said morons after the war, which is evident by the fact that they built so many nuke plants on a coastal earthquake zone. It all boils down to "you reap what you sow". We as a species are in a bad way…

  2. These damn elites that sit in the perfect world of papers and theories just burn my butt. If you won't get involved, fine broadcast that. this half assed crap is getting on my nerves. You sit down to the table and play or you walk away. My boys are dying and getting mutilated.Iraqis and Afghans are dying because folks won't wake up and pick up a real history book. I want to thank you Mayberry you woke me up.

  3. Actually mayberry your my biggest feeder by a long shot. Folks are paying attention. They may not like our answers. But it's good data. Yes I'm that anal retentive to look at links

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