Don’t spend your money foolishly, Educate yourself!

In the last couple of months I have read about about folks spending absurd amounts of money on tampons and Iodine tablets on auction sites. I understand fear and panic can make people do foolish things but this is ridiculous. Potassium Iodine (KI) tablets themselves are somewhat dangerous to take, only protects the thyroid not the rest of your body and is effective against specific radiation.
I understand you don’t trust the Feds or the media so you must educate yourself. If we have a nuclear hazard you would be better off sealing off your home getting some good N95 or bettter particle masks, Storing water and have a little Decon cleaning station so you don’t track radioactive particles into your house.Use rain gear that you rinse off, leave outside your house then have another washing station insde can keep you fairly safe. Even if dealing with a dirty bomb or fallout.  
I’m a little concerned reading about Hospital workers in Japan and passengers on planes tracking in radiation. To me that says Japan has very lax decon standards.While you can’t spread radiation sickness you can spread radioactive dust. Which is why washing is one of the first do if exposed.
I’m not worried I’m prepared. I don’t expect to need it but I’ve got masks, Plastic sheeting to close off doors and windows, Cleaning supplies and buckets all the things you may need in a “Worst case scenario”. This is not it!

I think that a financial meltdown is much more likely to hit the USA and the EU, and is a greater threat than radiation. Getting food, topping off your car,  water, a way of protecting yourself , a way to stay warm and some ready cash is much more important than some pills that you probably won’t need.

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  1. ASR,now that is good advice.Ha Ha verification word was misters. Decon mist? Get it? I crack me up. ChinaIII

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