I’m impressed with some of the things average folks have put together

I never would have thought about setting up a radiation monitoring network  or that folks would have radio scanner hooked to the internet and give us “real time updates”, folks on the ground in disaster updating via the Internet. We seem to be getting better data from the Amateurs than the Professionals.
One thing is for certain we are finding out how governments and the Media are going to deal with any “crisis” or disaster. I personally think the US media and government are making things worse and contributing to the uncertainty and panic. I hope more folks will realize that they must depend on themselves and will put in the effort to educate and protect themselves. It takes some work and sacrifice but I think it’s worth the effort.

I think the USA will soon be facing a severe financial crisis. Kicked off by what is happening in Japan, but brought about about by the recklessness of the TBTF banks, Corporations, the federal reserve and the Government. I think it will be hyper-inflationary like Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe. In most of those events there has always been a strong currency to move too. But the Euro is screwed cause they are printing like mad as well. The Yen won’t hold for long and they will sell off US Debt if they are smart. That leaves China and Russia with strongest relative currencies or gold and silver.

We are seeing the inflation happening right now! Get your supplies of the basics and know how to use them. Have some cash on hand so if the ATM’s and electronic banking go down you can still pay for grocery and gas and your bills. Top off your car’s gas tank and get an extra can if possible to have on hand. I think when the economy start’s to meltdown it will happen very quickly.

Got some good items on sale to post up Sunday. Keep the faith and keep working on your supplies. This to shall pass.

6 Responses to I’m impressed with some of the things average folks have put together

  1. Rhonda says:

    Jamie,You have been posting alot lately and getting some good info out for us.One of the things I am so impressed with is the Japanese people themselves and their behavior during this tragedy.Can you imagine what would happen here in the US if such a thing happened here?!There would be mass hysteria and looting/murder going on.Not alot of helpful,kind,full of grace acts that are being shown by the Japanese.I really hate to say it that way but its true.Remember Katrina?Geesh….I dont even know what to say about it anymore.

  2. Gods-Hammer says:

    Rhonda, you are so very right.

  3. Rhonda I know many folks are saying the same thing but the USA has had a few recent disasters where the folks did great. The flooding in North and South Dakota the folks there to Fema to go away and worked together to save the town. The big snow storms the last 2 winters. Many folks did great helping each other out in "Flyover Country". I think if you have a population with a sense of entitlement you see the worse in people.It's not about class or color it's about if you see yourself as a victim! I saw a lot of rich folks in NYC and DC whining and crying that the government wasn't doing enough. While poorer folks grabbed a shovel and started digging out.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I agree with you to an extent but I do believe that the majority of the US population would be sittin' around whining and waiting for someone else to do for them.I saw this in our area the last big ice storm.The whole area was shut down and alot of places lost electricity and water.Even tho this happens often in the winter here most were not prepared at all.County and city employees were passing out water to those affected.After it was over I overheard people griping because it wasnt delivered to their homes…they had to pick it up…lol…pathetic.

  5. You are probably correct Rhonda. I'm always amazed at most folks ability to be completly clueless.

  6. I will no longer feel pity for the morons. Paid $78.00 for basic tampons. Hundreds of dollars for iodine/idiot pills. I'm sorry you are stupid, But I'm happy to sell to you.I do this blog to help folks. Wake up no one will help you but you.

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