Fred Meyers: 20-26 Mar 2011
Whole chicken .88 cents per pound
Speedstick Deoderant .79 cents each
18 pack eggs 2 for $3.00
Walgreens 20-26 Mar 2011
Canned pink salmon $1.49 each with coupon.
Cash & CarryTill 27 Mar 2011
Sausage Roll 6# for $7.74 or $1.29 per pound
Boneless pork sirloins $1.68 per pound 9 # average

Nuke update:
Looks like we are not seeing any radiation from Japan today. But we have what appears to be a new oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles from the Deep Horizon Rig.

Some good news I found another prepper and she’s gardening, canning and raising chickens.

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