Getting the gardens going.

I finally got the idea for the “Bucket Garden” locked in. I’ll be doing an Asian Garden with some baby bok choy, Chinese radishes, Diakon, ginger, peppers and green onion, a Salad garden of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, romaine, carrots and an herb garden. That’s for indoors and I hope I can make produce year round.
I’m getting 1 of those 4 ft.x 4 ft. raised beds at Big Lots this week and some more soil. I’ll be doubling my outside garden space this year and trying several new plants. I got an Ice cream maker so I’m very excited to see how the watermelon and cantaloupe do this year as I try my hand at sorbets. Mom ordered the dwarf citrus trees and I think they will do okay. We will have to see if they are happy and produce fruit. If it works that will be an awesome bonus of vitamin C and a great addition to food storage.
Finally topped off my little chest freezer. I cheated a bit and bought 15 # of frozen veggies on sale along with some meat. I figure that will cover me a bit even if the garden doesn’t work out. I’ll be picking up another 10# of chicken thighs and legs at Paul’s Market at .65 cents per pound in a 10 pound bag. I focused on the bulk dry goods but you need to have balance in your diet and now I’m grabbing what I can to “top off” my food supplies so to speak. I don’t think sales like that will last much longer as everything will get more expensive because of fuel costs and the declining dollar.

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  1. Mayberry says:

    We never see sales like that, because the local chain has a monopoly here. They've lined city council's pockets and run off all the competition. Except Wally World. What an alternative… I will be gardening, and fishing my butt off this year.

  2. I'd rather walk on my lips than enter Wally world. I've done it but I always feel dirty afterwords. :)A couple of companies have tried pricing out competitors. Yet Paul's market always hangs on. They are very local, Hell they give you the names of local farms where they get their produce. I like that, but I've always been odd. I like knowing where my food is coming from, and I can go out to the farms and check them out.I'm big on the lowest price but I refuse to sacrifice quality. I may go to hamburger, chicken or pork. But it will be the best quality I can afford. We have all seen folks being stupid, and cutting their own throats. No concept of a garden, chicks, bunnies. But simply rely on the Feds. I don't want folks to suffer. But I'm being proactive on my meager allotment and got 1 year of food. Your lack of planning is not my problem! Go to the FEMA Canps, not me. I'm willing to help out those that work. A hand up I'll give, a hand out not so much. Attack me and you will get a bunch of dried beans, wheat and flour. Not what you will find at your local 7-11.

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