Prepping fast, dirty and ugly.

I think the collapse will happen this year in the USA. This post is for you folks that need a plan that is cheap but effective. For under $750.00 you could put in place a good prepper/survival system. No you can’t build a bunker, but you can have your “basics” covered and easily added too or changed. You got to move with the flow of events and not fight them. I wanted to focus on getting silver, but food inflation is a greater threat. So I adjusted, with the volitility in the PM markets,I know it will go up and down. But I know food is going up just based on oil costs. I felt I needed to bit more proactive on securing my food supply.  This was my reply to noob to prepping. Please feel free to troublshoot me in the comment section. I need all the help I can get.

I’d go for fast, dirty and cheap on the basics. Seeds are cheap and even if you don’t start a garden this year $20.00 spent on heirloom seeds is a great investment. If you like them rice, pasta, beans, flour and wheat will get you the most calories for your buck.
Weapons: I recommend 1st a 12ga. shotgun for home defense and at least 100 rounds of #2 or greater shot,  and a 22. Long rifle and 500 rounds for hunting. Pistols is a matter of preference but a 9mm to start and couple of magazines and at least 250 rounds. Most gun stores will let you trade up so to speak if you start with a Hi-point you can trade it toward the pistol you want in the future but at least you have something to protect yourself.  I’d look for a .30 caliber long range rifle for hunting larger animals.
Water: Soda bottles can be washed and are great for water and free. I do like the 5 gallon camp jugs and about as much weight as I’d want to try and move any distance. A little bleach, a good filter and some coffee filters should keep you going for a bit of time. I’d recommend getting some “Rain Barrels” if you can for the garden and flushing toilets. Some extra tarps and buckets will let you harvest more rain water.
First aid: Have plenty of bandages, aspirin, cough medicine on hand. If you have had the flu or a cold you know to treat the symptoms. I like the the chemical  Ice packs and heat wraps and lotions I get at the dollar stores. But they have all kinds of cortisone creams and topical formulas for treating minor ailments. Gatorade or Tang for supporting a sick person.
Sanitation: You got to keep yourself clean that means soap, Toilet Paper, a little camper potty or even a bucket. Get those sanitary napkins or tampons. Toothpaste and brushes. Construction grade trash bags and learn to dispose of your waste safely.  I got sponges for when the TP runs out but I just got another delivery of back up TP in the form of a Phone book.
Heat and shelter: Get a  tent or 2 that will fit the whole family and 0 degree sleeping bags. You can bug out with them plus most of the popup tents now a days are great for setting up even indoors and can conserve heat. Extra robes, jammies, sweats that can be layered to keep warm. T-shirts, and extra undies to keep clean and change out. Clean clothes are warm clothes. Wool and cotton as your basic fabrics. Cotton breathes and is great in summer time. Wool because it retains heat even when wet. Good shoes when you get a shoe you like buy at least 2 preferably 3 pairs and switch daily. It will make them last 3-6x longer than a single pair.
Money: have at least enough to pay cash for a tank of gas or a grocery trip. Not enough to be a target. I think about $50.00 to $100.00 dollars always on hand. Don’t put your life at risk depending on an ATM.
This is quick and dirty list of what you need. You could and should do more and as you learn this is easy to add to and refine. I think it should get you started at being a prepper or survivalist. I’m sure the orchard will chime in on the stuff I missed. Gosh I love em always more to learn and stuff I didn’t consider.


3 Responses to Prepping fast, dirty and ugly.

  1. JP in MT says:

    And start READING. Free PDF's on line & library visits can get you a lot of information without a lot of cash. And keep your preps "close to the chest" until you're sure you have found a kindred spirit and not a "disaster mooch".JP in MT

  2. Yes, lots of 'Survival Moochers'! To carry food out easier, I am dehydrating. Grinding the things that could make a good cream soup or health drink.Canning jars are too heavy to transport!!!

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