Let’s say the the Fed’s pull off a brilliant recovery?

I’m not sure where of how they can do it, But let’s say they do. So your rice and beans you have stored is only good for 5- 10 years. Your whole wheat 5-25 years, flour 5years, sugar and honey seem to be good after thousand of years. skills like baking bread, brewing beer, growing a garden do seem timeless. I want to get off the ‘grid’ and generate my own power not cause Al Gore tells me to. I just want to be independent of utilities.
So I spend a year not shopping for groceries. I’ve yet to hear anyone tell me a downside. Except I’m not supporting the Feds by going into debt. How dare I not spend! don’t I know how cheap Ipads/Iphones are?

 I got another nasty gram from the county that they will revoke my registration. It was pink and said it was the final warning! Fine, cancel my registration for my vehicle. I’ve got bike an RV and access to other vehicles that are outside the zone Of course an aged 1978 RV V-8 running will be much better for the enviroment than my 2003 Kia van. Your rules, state and Feds not mine. I’ll be happy to park my Kia and not register it, or pay for gas or all those taxes. A bit inconvient for me but you win EPA and the state of Idaho. I won’t play your games.
By golly you showed me!


2 Responses to Let’s say the the Fed’s pull off a brilliant recovery?

  1. Yeah. When people ask why I prep, I've taken to telling them "it's like homesteading (only we know it's the same thing). I'm challenging myself to see how cheaply I can live." My behavior is confusing and aggravating to most. Personally, I find there reactions amusing~ funny~ ok, hysterically funny! So my lifestyle also provides a lot of free entertainment for me!!!like you said~ What's not to like?!?!?!?!

  2. Yeah, I'll probaly cave on the $10.oo dollars. When I register. I won't go down in flames and be just a newstory blip. I want to fight them. Yet while folks will use me they won't help me. That's okay and their choice. I'm guessing they won't like my choice. Since I was declared a potential "domestic terrorist" long ago. I don't have a lot to lose. Hell I don't have that much to start with. I'm sure Big sis can buy a couple hundred pounds of rice, grains and beans. She hates we are not dependent on the feds. We don't need food stamps. We are somwhat independant of the feds. How dare we! We must be terrorists.

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