What will you do?

I know I’m preaching to the choir mostly. But we get some noobs stopping by and are trying to learn. I don’t use the term Noob in a bad sense you are looking, and trying to learn. It wasn’t all that long ago I was you. I’m doing pretty good with my own efforts and a bit of help from my freinds. Getting me focused, trying new stuff and getting creative.
But I want you to think about “Logistics” of food, fuel an energy. Look at your road system. How many overpasses or bridges must be crossed simply for you to go to work? Let’s say they are destroyed, the reason does not matter. They are gone, what will you do? No one can help you as the roads are destroyed. You can’t get out and they can’t get in. Let’s say something simple the city water supply is full of filth. A couple of busted pipes or the processing plant is flooded. Look at water processing plant the are almost always on “low ground”. But you don’t get water at all or at best must be boiled.
The thing I want to get across is trust no one. The government doesn’t care about you. It can’t, they have problems of their own. Your problems don’t matter. They the US gov. will told you to prepare for 3-14 days without gov. help. Longer in Nuke attack or meltdown. Take them at their word you are on your own.
I don’t care what you do to prep. I know what works for me but if you like Ramen noodles, or MRE’s, Growing your own or going to the local “Farmer’s Market”. You are there and it’s your choice to buy or not. I do know you need the basics.
1. Clean air: 3-6 minutes worth is as long as you can last without it.
2. Clean water: 3-6 days. I can store this item. I can’t store air to breathe.
3. Food, depending on your fat deposits. You will feel starvation rations in 3-6 weeks. Your whole life will become about food. Read some history, folks will look at magazines and drool, getting food will be their life.

4. If you can’t deal with basic sanitation you will die. Not my rule, History’s rule.
5. If you can’t deal with a basic broken bone you may die. See above
6. If you can’t isolate sickness and support an ill person. It will spread and you will die.

I’m not trying to scare you it’s that stuff happens fast you must be ready to isolate and be smart.

I believe folks that want a NWO, or want to kill me. I may think they are wrong but I have no doubts that they will do the best they can to bring it about.

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  1. Yes. Exactly. I sit near the top of a hill. Way out= bridges, overpasses and flood plains. I'm not slow this week, so I am preparing to stay put. Yes, it would be great to have enough advance warning so I can relocate, but reality is that it will hit when I am asleep or, God forbid, at work. If at work, I'm not prepped. Guess I better get my office space prepped or prepare to die. If I wake up from a quake~ bridges are crumbled and so are all the dams north of me causing my little hill to be a cute little island. Neighbors to rely on/ work with? Nope! We don't share our prep advise any longer as they are still trying to figure out how to steal the chickens and get away with it! We have a small Sheriff office with extra fire trucks~ 2 Sheriff for a group who are used to doing whatever they want? Reminds me~ gotta get a few more boxes ammo!Stop by my blog, if you would, and see the preps I am still willing to disclose! Wish my people would subscribe to your blog!

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