Wal-mart CEO says inflation is coming!! Just in case you haven’t noticed

I’m sure everyone but the uber rich have noticed the things you need to buy daily cost more.  Food, Fuel, power for the home, health insurance have all gone up in price. Your taxes, besides income tax have probably gone up as well. Most of these items are needs not wants and you don’t have a lot of choice cutting back. I’m seeing the rising costs on my bulk food purchase the last 6 months. Now I’m seeing it in the canned items that the price has gone up or the package has gotten smaller in the last 3 months. Chicken and pork aren’t to bad yet, but beef is starting to spike in price. In December and January I bought a couple of small Rib-eye roasts at $4.69 a pound. At one store I’m seeing that price for hamburger!  Fresh veggies forget about it,  the price has skyrocketed or some veggies just are not available.
It’s not all bad news because the prices motivated me to start my “indoor salad gardens”  and an herb and medicinal garden as well. The dwarf citrus trees seem very happy and growing. The neighbor and I are trading seeds and or plants and tools. My Mom and I always are trading stuff back and forth to cover as many areas as we can for small gardens. We can’t grow grains in a big amount,  but luckily we live in a good ag area. If the farmers have water they will grow the grain. Plus we also have lots of orchards and vineyards.  Winters are usually harsh. But all in all not bad you can do a succession planning and get about 9 months of growing season. You just got to work with “Mama Nature”.
This will be my first year of planting succession crops. Planting fast growing, cool weather, growers and waiting some time and going for the “hot weather” loving crops and then to a fall crop or plants that need to winter over. So I’m excited to see how it turns out. Mother Earth news had a great article for this and a free garden planter software. So we will see what happens. I hope to post some pictures from start to finished product.

I never thought I’d be a person that would enjoy growing a garden of any sort. Weeding was always a chore as a child. If I could escape it, I did.  Honestly I just didn’t care and usually killed plants via neglect. But now just seeing life and those little sprouts busting up fills me with awe, and can make my whole day. While I can’t make the miracle of life happen. I can provide a place for it to grow.
So we did have a couple of good sales Paul’s is having a “case lot” sale. If you have Paul’s check it out on my Blogroll where I shop.
Cash and Carry has a great buy on Pinto beans 50 # for $20.50 about $5.00 off the regular price. Also hamburger $1.59 per pound for a 10 # chub 73/27 % mix.. 
I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat rice with every meal and I’ve got 2  #10 can of mashed potatoes that have 145 servings each. I like rice and it’s great for a variety of applications. But I want to mix it up on menus and some potato pancakes, potato soup and mashed potatoes will mix the menu a bit. Got some sausage and some German kielbasas for about $2.00 a pound or less. I won’t be able to make Authentic “dirty rice” or a true gumbo. But what I’ve cooked isn’t to bad, unique, and will keep you from getting tired of the menu. 

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