I’ve got a couple of post ideas? But I wonder what would you like to see?

What do you want as a new prepper or a long standing prepper? Give me some ideas I do love researching stuff. So what would help you?
I hope I’ve given you some ideas for prep. But you may want to go in a different direction. I’d ask you what do you need? Trot out your ideas, I won’t say I’ll use them all. My blog my rules, but I’m interested in things that work. Hell I got only a GED and a couple college classes I’m not the smartest person in the room.


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  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    I am all in favor of learning and wisdom and those don't necessarily have anything to do with a "sheepskin" from an institution of higher learnin'. Jamie I will take your "been there done that experience over some book smart brainwashed kid who has been force fed Keynesian hogwash (on his parents and the Government dime)Blog topic ideas well I have plenty of ideas; those for polite company would include:COMPOSTING AND SOIL IMPROVEMENTVEGETABLE PRODUCTIONFRUIT PRODUCTIONMEAT PRODUCTION (red, poultry, fish)LONG TERM STORAGE METHODS FOR HOME PRODUCED FOODSHOME BASED CHEMISTRY (like soap making, bio diesel, ect)HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEASWell that seems like enough spoutin off for me for one comment ; )

  2. Kurt says:

    How about this for an idea: What happens if the government goes overboard in its grab for power as things start falling apart, and really does start doing house to house searches for "contraband", such as hoarded food, underground economic activity, weapons, etc? Ideas on how to prepare, keep them hidden might be a good idea. For example, the idea of bartering between peeps is a good one, but how does one keep it up if the government goes nutso on us, requiring transactions to be run through their system and taxed? I suspect its going to happen that way in the next few years.I suspect that in the next few years, its going to become very hard to keep any of this up as it will all be outlawed, with active searches and passive "citizen based surveillance" going on.

  3. GrabTheApple says:

    I'm looking into worm composting, so if you know anything about it, I'd love to read it. I just started reading about it at http://www.wormbincomposting.com/index.html Also, you may have already covered this one(it didn't turn up when I searched), but I would love to learn more about canning and food preservation in general.

  4. @ Kurt I don't think the Fed's will be able to do a house to house, at least not outside urban areas. But if you want some good ideas check out Grandpappy's information Home. He covers the subject much better than I ever could. I like the gardening, preserving and sustaining ideas. I do have a few ideas concerning that and I'll try and get some posts starting with the garden and then progress through the others.

  5. Kurt says:

    A couple more ideas, in case you're still interested:First, a recipes section, where you tell us how to make specific things with specific directions. Yes, there are places on the web, but I figure one more would not hurt, you might come up with one that the others overlooked. Paying particular attention to using things actually in our stores.Second, an ongoing, growing list of how long specific things can be stored, and how to maximize it. Such as different types of yeast. Do they store well in a freezer? What types are best? Yea, again, other sites out there do it, but what would it hurt to have a built in reference here, in case some of those other sites go away?And finally, for today anyways, perhaps a gardening tips section? Reviews about how to grow specific types of plants, whether they like sun or shade, lite aerated soil or clay, dry or moist, etc.

  6. karen says:

    What's a typical day for you?

  7. I don't really have a typical day Karen. It's very interesting that you ask cause I haven't really thought about my daily schedule. I do have few items that are locked in. Wake up about 7- 8 am every day and read the news of the day via the internet. I walk with my Mom at the local mall from 10:00 am- till 11:20 or till I'm tired. Have lunch then a nap till about 2pm. Sundays and Wednesdays I look at the ads and see if there is a sale on anything I need or will need and plan a shopping list.I'm trying to learn financials and the ins and outs of economics and the markets so I study and read quite a bit on that or something else I'm interested in for at least a couple of hours. I watch TV if there is a program on I want to learn about, but it's hit and miss. I read a lot of history, economics and Military sci-fi books.I have a garden, a yard that needs mowing and my housework but I don't set specific times for that other than doing washing and baking on the weekend when the electric costs are low. I like trying to do stuff that's old school like Smoking, curing and making my own beer, wine and waxing cheese. But it's not scheduled. I just try it when money, time and product all come together with what I can handle physically. Thank goodness for freezers. :)I live alone so my time is my own. So while I don't always have help, I also don't have to fight or have other demands on my time.

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