I’m trying few new things as a bucket/indoor garden. I’m also adding some new raised beds/ square foot gardens. I did get the beds cleaned in about 60 minutes, and tried out a new Black & Decker cultivator. New dwarf citrus trees and an Asian garden and a serious herb garden for medicinal plants as well as herbs to cook with daily. It’s seems I have got caught up in “make haste slowly”. Plant’s never sprout as fast as I want. Logically I can accept that, emotionally not so much! I sit around wondering what am I doing wrong? I’m usually not doing anything wrong I’m just impatient.
So far so good on my first raised bed the newspaper I laid down is gone. I pulled up roots well over 12 inches. The soil looks good black, rich and with lot’s of worms. Considering I had no worms to speak of 3 years ago that’s big. I took pics of the raise beds and will post them up. Some lessons learned so far by me….

  1. If you go with raised beds stick with 4ft x4ft.. They are much easier to work with as you can reach everything easily. At 8ft you must walk in the garden and or create walkways to reach the plants. Leave about 12-18 in between beds at a min. to work in. 
  2. I think more but smaller raised garden beds work better for me. I’d never go more than 4ft. in depth that’s usually within arm reach from all sides. Now if you want to build a raised bed 50 ft. by 4 ft. I’m good with that idea. I just think anything more than 4 ft wide is to hard to weed. I can handle a couple of feet but 4 feet to reach the middle of a simple 8 ft. bed is bit to much. Plus you are optimizing growing space so walkways or non-growing areas are contra-indicated.
  3. I’m trying cardboard as a weed blocker on my new 4 ft.x 4ft bed. I will plant shallow root plants in that bed. But my newspaper blocker, while not great for blocking all growth on my 8×8 bed. Most growth was on the edges and it broke down well.

Don’t make a garden that is a lot of work. Try to make it work for you. I could probably grow some grains other than corn. But why would I grow oats? Very difficult to grind raw oats and they are still cheap. Don’t buy what others buy. While wheat is getting packed into buckets have you looked at barley? Don’t get to narrow in your focus. The LDS says you need 350 lbs. of grains, now most think wheat, but that includes rice, pasta, masa harina, barley, oats and all grains. Don’t get locked into a mindset. Be flexible and willing to try new stuff. Gosh I love a good beef and barley soup. Minestrone. I’m there, Yummy!  Split pea soup with ham hock. This is all comfort food. I’m sure some folks will tell me about chiles Verde and gyros, cous cous, pitas and great ethnic foods. I have a hard time with tortillas. I’m need all the the help I can get for sopas. LOL
I’m learning Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian cooking, and growing the plants needed for it. Cause it’s damn good tasting and can be made at home.

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