Planning some new stuff to try this next week

I think I’ve been suffering from PPA (Piss Poor Attitude). Spring has sprung and is being quite uncooperative. Still dealing with some pain and lack of energy or perhaps motivation. I’m very happy about my inventories. I’m gathering more items, but the news has got me down. I see more of the cheer leading, propaganda and very few facts. The few facts I do get don’t give a warm and fuzzy feeling.
But the future will take care of itself and I certainly can’t change it for a nation, just myself.  I think I got passive and reactive instead of aggressive and proactive. I’m letting life happen to me, rather than grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and saying ” I control my destiny”. So for myself, I’ve got too shake things up and try some new stuff, learn some new skills.
So this week I’ll be making some jerky from that round roast Mom and I split. I did get the beer bottled today and in a couple of weeks I hope the brew will taste good and bottles do not explode. All my starts for the garden will go in the raised beds by the 11th and I have straw and plastic standing by for a late frost.My diakon and baby bok choy are doing great. I haven’t killed the citrus trees yet and they are doing good.
I got several good books that I need try some of the recipes and 1800’s preserving ideas and have some fun. I like painting with water colors and have some canvases that need filling with color. I have no talent or schooling. I just like painting.
I think that’s a good start for the week ahead. I am very big on lists and goals to reach. Things haven’t quite happened the way I planned and I got bogged down, concentrated on the bad instead of good. You got to be beyond flexible you got to be fluid in your reactions to the world. I forgot that!

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