Move Forward!!!

I don’t know about you but I often get bogged down in the details, and forget the big picture. We are in a deep recession, if not worse. But we are just starting to feel/see some pain. If you have gone to a supermarket or a gas station you know it. Now I’m big on prepping and think anyone can do it. Is it easy no! It will call on you to get out of the “Rat Race” to stop competing with the Jones and redefine yourself. You are not your house, your car or the latest gadget. You are not your prepping supplies. You are a spark of the divine. So you have read my missives and many others. You are ready or getting ready for what? Let’s say you survive the Zombie hordes.   You got your stuff together and the world economy collapses. You survive and then what?
What is your goal? Prepping or survivalist should be just a means to an end. I prep to save money, buy low eat high, and live. So let’s say I live today now what? You must have a goal to work towards. But what do you really want from the whole general mish mash of a collapse? Define what you want, set several small  goals and achieve it. I hope to build a good base of Operations, and trade my silver for gold or land. Now how do I meet those goals? A start maybe making my own bread and pasta to save money. Because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and learn to bake. It’s all about the finish line not the race itself. Where do you want to be? Now walk it backwards and say this is where I start.

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