Brewing Beer Update

It has been a week so I did a test . Carbonation was good, nice and clear with a rich amber color, no off flavors but still tastes a little on sharp side, like it’s not quite finished. I will let it sit and condition for at least  another week that will hopefully give it a more mellow/rich flavor.
No exploding bottles, but I really like that Roughneck crate for the carbonation stage since my whole batch can fit inside it and contain any breakage.
I hope to start the Pale Ale this week, get the flip top bottles, Hydrometer and maybe an LME for a Brown Ale.


3 Responses to Brewing Beer Update

  1. Laineyisat says:

    I just tested my first two batches of homemade wine yesterday…pretty good! Did you post an earlier article about brewing beer?? Is it more complicated than wine?? I'd love to read the how to's !CHEERS!Laineyisat

  2. Brewing Beer Apr. 30th postI think beer has the extra step of adding carbonation compared to making wine, but it's still pretty easy to do. Is a really good website Plus there are a lot of Beer/Brewer clubs around for advice.

  3. Perhaps I should rephrase that making beer is easy to do. It's simple to do but not easy. Just like canning is simple but requires many steps to make a good and safe product. It does require a a commitment of time and energy. About 3- 4 hours for one day every 7 days. Spread over a week that's easy but just like canning you are commited to that time that is fairly labor intensive.

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