My top 10 reasons not to head for the hills

I think too many folks think they can run to the hills and be safe and not think about the problems that will be once they get there.
1. Having enough supplies: It’s a bit difficult to have several months of every thing you need in a car or truck.
2. Others will be heading for the hills/rural areas as well. Never be a refugee, it sucks
3. What if it’s a quarantine situation? Roadblocks will turn you back.
4. You know or should know your neighbors. Rural areas will treat you as an outsider and probably not trust or help you.
5. Sprouting, Hydroponics, a sunny window and you can grow stuff to eat. If you have supplies, and time.
6. While robbers/looters may have to travel they may attack isolated places. No cops, no security, They may think “I think we can get something of value”.
7. You probably have met folks in Home association meetings or neighborhood watch, or PTA or other things. Cultivate the ones that think about prepping and help them out. It’s amazing how far a fresh baked loaf of bread, cinnamon rolls, or cookies can go in establishing a friendship. Hard to build a network when you are on the run.
8. Disaster proof yourself as much as possible. Pick the most likely to happen. Weather: Power outage, Ice storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Flooding etc. Then your man-made disasters Congress, LOL. Terrorists, Attacks, Pandemics. Financial: Lost job, unexpected bills, Spread your risk in other words don’t put your all your eggs in 1 basket.
9. Invest in yourself and family 1st. You know you need food, shelter, water and security. Start with those, then move on to trade goods and skills, then onto Financial protection. Trust me you can make it happen cheaper a faster than you think if you start small and build on it.
10. Don’t think you have to be perfect. Start off with a basic plan and build. You can always adjust as opportunities or for problems arise.

3 Responses to My top 10 reasons not to head for the hills

  1. Good writeup. I agree with you that "bugging in" is most often going to be your best solution rather than "bugging out" (except for those along the Mississippi). Preparing for the most likely disaster is the best way to start. And then something totally unexpected comes along to test you (like our skunk incident last Thursday)! Most plans aren't going to be perfect but if you can keep your composure you will be way ahead of the vast majority of people.

  2. Yes, I agree, bugging-in is the best solution… I do have a couple ideas of what I'd do if I had to leave, but pretty much need to stay put. Besides, I have my food source here~ my mini orchard and gardens… why would I want to leave? One thought I had was to board up my house as though I've left so as to look empty. Give the outside an unkempt long-abandoned look so looters will pass by… hopefully… don't seem to have any preppers nearby, but that is what it is and I have to survive regardless… šŸ™‚

  3. Perhaps it's the "Hollywood" scenario that I hear a lot of folks think they can just head for the hills and live off the land. God knows we have seen folks stunned that the just can't buy anything they want during an "Event". The item bought the most during a Hurricane is Beer, Not plywood, water or or food, BEER! Now I love beer and make my own now but I can think of a few items I'd rather have on hand looking forward to power outages and mama nature trying to turn my home into kindling. Plus they will bitch if no water, fuel or food for free is provided via the Feds. One reason I believe in "Bugging in" if at all possible, is all those morons will head to the hills and Darwin will take over from there.

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