Huzzah!! the garden is finally in the raised beds.

I  don’t know of anyone that is getting a garden in “On Time”. It’s all been working around Mama Nature and she’s being difficult. That being said I did get my seeds planted and the starts into the raised beds today.  I’m trying a lot of new plants especially greens, but some herbs as well. So it’ll be fun to see how well they do this year.
I’ve got the stuff and equipment for sauerkraut, canning, pickling drying and freezing. So I’m hoping for a good crop to try all the ideas out for preserving. Mom just gave me another dehydrator she got a yardsale for $3.00 so that bad boy will have to go to work! I did good on stocking up on hamburger and sausage when the prices were low so I need to get busy dehydrating and canning meats. My freezer is full! and I need more space. So in regards to my moving forward post, I’ll try out dehydrating sausage and caning some chicken. I’ll try the chives and see how they work out for drying. Onions did great in my dehydrator so I hope the chives do okay.
Please don’t think I’m an expert on preserving cause I’m not. I read a lot and I’m willing to try new things. But I’m just like you following the instructions and hoping for the best. With some practice I’ve gotten good a few things, but I have a lot more to learn and practice to put in on preserving. I don’t like failing but I don’t mind it all that much if  I learn from my mistakes. 
You will screw up, I want you to screw up. That’s how you learn. Don’t be afraid of failure, see if you can tell where you made your mistake, or perhaps it just take some practice. I know bread is that way after about 10-20 loaves you get a feel for the dough being right or wrong. You can do it, Don’t be afraid to try.


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