Yep, I over did it and was a little sore…

      I did over do as I feared but I did have some success on research and reading some books for ideas. I got a brainstorm for fruit press and additional water filtration system from some free food safe buckets I scored.  All the wet rainy weather hasn’t been all bad as my rain barrels are almost full. It’s only about a 100 gallons but every bit helps. I hope to get another 2 rain barrels to assist in water storage for the gardens at least and can be used if filtered and boiled as needed.
     The local Mall is opening up for artisans and home made goods. I was thinking of doing some bottled butter and perhaps canned bacon on a small table or doing some barter/trade. I know I’m odd but I like having a relationship with shop owners. While sometimes I may pay a bit more, I usually get a heads up on sales so in the long run I come out ahead and I get superior service cause they want my money.
   I should be able to get a breakdown of of my bug out bag and buckets done this weekend. I hope to post up pics as well. This will be great and hopefully spark some ideas for you of what you need to do to make it work for you.


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