I suggest you panic!!!

Okay , not really but things are not getting better economically. We have broken records of more folks getting more Federal assistance than they pay in taxes. That’s not counting all the US Corporations, banks and the big business welfare queen’s subsidies, grants and mandates. This year’s harvest is not looking good between flooding, tornadoes and regulations. Same for oil and now it’s global for both energy and food. I’m sure many of you have been very unhappy with the political situation in DC. Both Bush and Obama, Democrat and Republican. As a recovering Reagan republican/ conservative I understand. We got Bush out and got Obama in 2008. We kicked Pelosi out and got Bohener in 2010 and still nothing has really changed. Different rhetoric but we still don’t have budget and we are still piling on the debt and added in another War. 
I’m not sure about you but I don’t think voting changed anything. So what can you do? Besides panic….

  1.  Realize that the only actions you can control are your own. How you react to it is what you do to protect yourself.
  2. The Feds don’t care about you. Governments are not compassionate, people are compassionate. When any idiot in DC starts spouting off about how they are lowering taxes. What they are really saying is they will let you keep more of the money you have earned. A bit like a mugger that takes your wallet , yet gives $20.00 back so you can buy gas or cab faire home. Do you feel greatful to the mugger?
  3. Food is still relatively cheap for now. I know you are dealing with inflation on every thing but it will get worse. On average we Americans only pay about 10-15% of income on food. Now imagine you have to pay 40-50% of total income on food or even 70% as they do in the Middle east? I don’t think food stamps will cover that. So you must stock up now. I know I never thought I’d (dollar cost average) food. I did that on investments. But this time is different, but in a bad way or perhaps we’ve been spoiled children and it’s time to growup. 
  4. Get debt-free and stop feeding the Beast. I know I was a Yuppie wanna be. Flashy car, a big home in the suburbs, play the market/mutual funds. I was bloody brilliant until I got sick and ended up 100% disabled and spent over 3 months in a nursing home recovering and social security doesn’t pay until you’ve been disabled for at least 6 months and most folks have to re-apply at least 2-4 times before they get benefits. So who will pay your bills for the next 6 months to 3 years? Not counting the medical care costs. I’m a Vet so most of the costs for medical care were covered. But if my parents hadn’t covered my mortgages and payments I would have lost everything. I still took quite a beating but I kept everything I paid cash for and kept nothing I was in debt for. Cut up your credit cards get rid of that HELOC and pay them off. It’s totally worth it and Layaway plans are coming back. Make an “Emergency Fund” of 3-6 months of bills. Yes, it will hurt a bit at first but once paid off you will be free of those economic parasites that drain you.
  5. Grow your own food, provide your own energy.  Even if you start a few herbs in a window and move up to container gardens, raised bed/square foot or to a few acres. Start now and practice growing and preserving. I love learning drying, canning, salting, smoking and fermentation preservation. Growing and making my own food from salsa to bread, kim chee to beer. There is so much to learn and unlearn in making real food. I’m learning to butcher Pirmals of beef and pork. I could do basics for fish but suck at “fileting” a fish. But it all about what you can control. If I cut up primals I don’t have to worry about “Meat Glue” or the USDA saying Ammonia can be part of my hamburger, I’ve not yet not put ammonia on the ingredient list of my hamburger as a anti-microbial agent. The Fed’s don’t mind me ingesting ammonia but Heaven help me if anyone pours it into a storm drain or river.
  6. I’m still working towards power. A small solar setup and bikes and or animals seem about the simplest and doable on a small budget. I can’t run my home or car forever on petrol-chemicals. It would be cost prohibitive. Idaho does have a lot of Hydro-power and the Geo-thermal energy has hardly been touched. Natural gas might bring a good alternative in the future against oil but you can’t make plastics or 100’s of items that are based in petroleum. But always store what you need and build toward what you can’t store.
  7. Insurance If you drive a car or own a home you got insurance. Well you are alive and by virtue of that fact, DC says you will buy health insurance. Cause some how insurance is healthcare or body shop repairs for your car or a fire station for your home. That kind of thinking must be taught at Ivy league schools which I could never afford But no insurance I know of prevented the bad things that insurance protects against.  But anyway what is your insurance for an economic collapse, recession or depression? So bad stuff can happen even if insured.

I suggest you panic! and depend on yourself and not DC or your State or the Media. 

2 Responses to I suggest you panic!!!

  1. Yes, it really is up to each of us to take care of ourselves in a disaster! Hurricane Katrina should have jump-started everyone as obviously the GOV is not going to respond until most victims are dead. All this has me deep cleaning and re-organizing my home. Taking note of what is/ is not stocked as I go.

  2. I do hope that folks can see the difference between a Katrina and all the flooding, tornadoes and storms we've been having, at least on how people react between sitting on your rooftop and hoping for rescue or you got tools, food and water and get to work rescuing others or yourself. That's all based in self-reliance and trusting in yourself rather that the PTBs. I don't blame the folks in N.O. (Katrina) any more than I blame the folks in D.C. (Snowmeggedon)Two generations have been told trust the Gov. that they will be taken care of and the Gov. loves them. They have been taught helplessness. Be it a single Mom in the Superdome or Chris Matthews whining about the lack of snowplows. It's the same attitude except Matthews can afford to get a snowblower or hire someone to shovel his walk and driveway. You can imagine who I have a bit more sympathy for…..

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