I’m feeling closer to human….

The weather has kicked my butt. It scares me a bit but life can be nasty. While I may hurt it does make me alert in those dark hours. I can stand watch during bad weather and in the dark of the night. While I maybe miserable I can stand watch (I’m awake anyway) I can make coffee, heat water and make stuff if not pleasant less unpleasant.
Anyway I do hope that this weather has settled down a bit. I haven’t forgotten I owe you some survival buckets a BOB or 2 and some indoor gardens. Plus your feedback. I am sorry it’s taking so long. I didn’t plan on a flare of my CIDP. Murphy can be a real asshole.
You take the good with the bad and like Janus they are joined at the hip or head.

4 Responses to I’m feeling closer to human….

  1. Laineyisat says:

    Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile… I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you. Have you ever spoken to a herbalist about the CIDP? Here is the phone number of one: Dennis 765-966-3248. He is very gifted. He helps a LOT of people just over the phone! It's worth a phone call, eh? I hope you are feeling better soon.Lainey

  2. Glad you enjoy the Blog and thanks for the number. I'm working on the herbal remedies an non-traditional healing. But I'm afraid I got into a feed back loop. Eating to much pre-processed food cause it's quick and easy to make and I dropped the ball making my own ahead of time. Not enough fresh vegies cause of expense and hoping for the garden to take off. LOLLastly not getting stuff done because the pain knocks me down and I don't keep those joints and body moving which makes the pain worse or at least makes my attitude worse. But I did read a lot of books read and got some ideas for the future to try out. I'm having a blast with the beer making, Stored up a lot of jars, lids and got some ideas for a make-shift root cellar.

  3. Kurt says:

    Praying it gets better. You're a tough one, that's for sure.

  4. Thanks Kurt, I'm not sure all that tough, somewhat dumb at times. Stuff just needs to be done. I'm going to hurt/deal with CIDP all the time. I can whimper in bed, have a "pity party" and hurt or I can go take a walk with my Mom, get something done around the house and hurt. I'll take the second option. Good for my mind, and I don't dwell on the pain. It doesn't make it go away. I just get something accomplished. Any day I can fill my coffee maker, pull up my own socks, dress myself is a bonus. AT the time I was in the hospital I didn't think I could die, but everyone else did. I'm a slow learner but I think God decided to save my life. Not cause I deserved it. He just had more for me to do. Hence the blog, If I can do it you can too. It ain't easy, it just has to be done.

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