The economic data sucks but I’m getting few more items taken care of…

The Mesquite chunk charcoal went on sale at C&C  another 80 pounds should cover cooking, BBQ and smoking. I like the smoke flavor and it doesn’t have binders and fillers like briquettes. Yes I know a total 360# of charcoal sounds like a lot to have on hand. But it doesn’t take up much space in the shop.
      Pale ale  is bottled. Those reusable flip-top caps are a bit harder to attach than I anticipated. Should have practiced or attached them before bottling. Using all “tall boy” bottles this time almost made up for those lids.
    It’s probably blasphemy using Mr. Beer plastic bottles, but I do like the lightweight and screw on caps for convenience and ease of handling. I haven’t tasted a difference between the plastic and glass after it conditions though it maybe different if I stored it for awhile. I can see the plastic as a bonus camping or on the boat because it’s light weight, resealable and can’t break like glass. Even with all the cussing and cursing the new caps into place, I’m  reducing my time and energy spent on making/bottling beer  I take over a full bottle to neighbors and get more bottles I can use back. It also looks like a good barter item and I drink good beer that is to my taste instead of just buying what is available in the store.
    Had a whole day without rain and got most of the back lawn mowed. Still got a bunch of weeds to knock down and try and kill again in the alley way. Saw a few little sprouts starting in the raised beds and citrus trees have taken off since I moved them to a different room.  The 2 rain barrels are full and I haven’t used any City water to irrigate.  Topped off another bin for canned goods and 25 # of sugar is in the bucket.
  Even with the CIDP flare and the rainy weather not such a bad week after all.

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