I have the oddest feeling that IT has begun.

    I’ve been looking for a “Tipping point” that says the SHTF and I think it  has happened and I missed it. I’m not sure if it’s been the media, the “ROB MOBs”, TBTF or the PTBs but I think things are going down hill fast, for example:

  1. Weinergate: It’s not about sex it’s about the lying and CYA mentality of the politicians and Media lackeys. Charlie Rangel seems as long as Weiner wasn’t going after little boys everything is Okay. 
  2. Urban riots up and down the easternseaboard during Memorial Day and the ROB Mobs, open gunfire in the streets of NY and Chicago has joined Detroit as a war zone. The politicians pass laws against salt, smoking and trans Fat.
  3. Polital theater and nothing has been done but a lot of talk. No budget, Obamacare not touched, Debt out of control. Obama and Boehner go golfing together.
  4. Treasury is looting federal pension plans. I think your 401k is next.
  5. Property law, contracts and the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th amendment under attack or simply ignored
  6. Police shootings, SWAT raids and beat downs are way out of control. Nice little object lesson in fear for you serfs.
  7. Wars without end and a 10 year old state of emergency still in effect from 9/11.The House could have defunded the wars and all 3 branches just extended the PATRIOT Act agian.
  8. People are actually bragging how long the can stay in a house without paying  their Mortgage. The average is 18 months now. TBTF banks can’t afford to foreclose cause they will have to much toxic debt or they broke the contract and can’t foreclose. But this is a very bad development for the rule of law and property rights and the housing market can’t correct until losses are taken. 
  9. If gas prices aren’t bad enough the EPA is now causing the shut down of 6 Coal fire electrical  power plants back east. So your rates will increace 10%-35% Which is code for 35%-40%.
  10. More flooding in the midwest means more expensive food & clothes this fall and winter.

     What can you do? Get out of any of the TBTF banks. I know you often don’t get a choice is now servicing your mortgage, but close all checking, savings and credit card accounts as quickly as you are able. I recommend Local banks and Credit Unions. Google any local banks and find out if they are affiliated with the TBTFs. Plus I’ve had 2 CU help me rebuild my credit get car loans when I got disabled.
     Get debt free and go to cash as much as possible. Stop being a debt slave. Lot’s of free ideas on getting debt-free around. Yes there will be pain, but once you start getting rid those “chains of slavery” you will feel a huge weight being lifted off of you. I live on less than $1100.00 per month. I pay for everything including my house payment and, no SNAP, phone or energy/ government assitance I make $10.00 per month to much to qualify. I don’t go to food banks I give to them. That’s only one person.  I make most of my bread and meals from scratch, I grow a garden. I don’t go eat out or go to bars but make my own beer now.
     Get small on costs and downsize whatever you can based on cost/benefit ratios. Such as you can kill or downsize TV cable/sat. If you are like me you find you tend to watch certain shows or networks 75% of the time. Pick the programming that is the lowest cost and the closest match. Netflix, hulu, youtube are great free and cheap alternatives. DVD’s are great, I used them a lot when stationed in Germany. You can get them for free at your local library. Plus you control the TV it doesn’t control you.
    Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime. Buy quality and look at long term costs. I use Magic jack as my home phone. I get a little echo but I’ll put up with that for the price of $20.00 a year. Now my parents have me on their verizon cell “Family plan” as they worry about me being disabled. So I pay my part of their bill and they are happy. Plus I’m not a big phone user anyway. But it’s nice to have when you need it, and they get a little help with the phone bill. Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best option.
     Be creative and get out that “damn box” that everyone want’s to put you in. Stop caring what others think and stop keeping up with the Jones. You are not your job, car, your house or your clothes. Stop putting others in boxes. I know I’m considered odd, at best and a “wingnut” or worse by members of my own family. because I don’t play the game. One has lost a home, car and is declaring bankruptcy again. The other sibling is facing divorce and probably a bankruptcy or lost home in a year. I got bailed out by my parents when I got disabled, I’ve paid back 95% so far and learned . They got bailed out  no pay back and want more of the same. Yet I’m the weirdo…. 🙂 But I sleep well at night knowing I’m doing the best I can not the least I can get away with.
     You can do it too. I’m not special just a little redneck girl from Idaho. Things are not magically easier for me cause I don’t work or since I’m disabled. Sometimes it sucks just like it does for you. As a kid I grew up in what you call lower middle class or poor. But I had food a place to live and a new coat every other year.
If you can get your mind out of rat race are willing to do a little work and wait for what really matters and not give into whims. It is well worth it. For me it was my Mom telling me I’m impressed, A woman that worked 3 jobs as a single mother back in the 70’s to keep her kids off welfare. That’s good enough for me.

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    1. I'm pretty sure we've already passed the point of no return. Now, it's all about what causes the top to blow off and it gets really ugly. The patching and bailouts will continue, but at some time, it will all tip over and go "splat".I've given up trying to predict the "splat" timing. It's in the government's best interest to keep the game up, and they are, if nothing else, resourceful. They know how to keep their bloated corpse going.

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