Pale ale is bottled!!

Pale ale is done. While good tasting I’m not tasting a big difference, perhaps a bit lighter but close to the amber ale.
I’m not making beers based on color coordination so I think Amber ale it is for playing with on recipes.
Tried out the neighbor’s beer quite dark and very dry. Not bad at all but I’ve found I like the fruitiness of the Cascade Hops. But I like wheat beers and I think they are a bit sweeter than barley based beers.
So I got a Dark ale to brew following the same recipe and ingredients. This should give me a base for branching out into my own brews.
Lessons learned:

  1. Sanitation is everything, rince/soak bottles then run through a dishwasher without the dry cycle. Even my Mr. Beer bottles have survived the dishwasher’s lower rack. Scrub with a bottle brush if unsure of origin.
  2. Buy a small bottle of acid based sanitizer, I use 5 star for a spray bottle and for my buckets, bottles, lids and caps.  I keep a spray bottle and spare bucket for the excess as long as it foams a bit it’s supposed to be good for sanitizing.
  3. White sugar as a prime for carbonation seems to be just fine. 2/3 of a cup in 2 cups of boiled water cooled per 5-6 gallons of beer and all bottles are good on carbonation with no explosions. I know some suggest corn sugar but I think it’s a selling point. 
  4. I prefer “Tall boy” bottles rather than 12-16 oz. It just seems easier and faster to me. The local “Beer lady” has mini-Kegs” so I may have to check those out.
  5. These simple recipes for ales and wheat beer give me a good base to build on. But doing the “simple” very well is hard.  I think it is a lesson we often forget. Plus I really am enjoying the process and I got beer and no sin taxes paid. 
  6. cheers

2 Responses to Pale ale is bottled!!

  1. Cool! Next month I'm going to give it a whirl…

  2. I can't wait to hear how it turns out Craig. I think you will enjoy doing it. You won't save money if you enjoy Keystone or another cheap beer. But you will save compared to micro-brews or specialty beers. Also I have 3 big reasons I like making my own brew.1. No sin taxes paid.2. It's better tasting and not pasturized that is required in the USA. It's really more akin to liquid bread and you actually get a benefit of the grains instead of just alcohol.3. It's a hell of a lot of fun for me to make

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