Oh! muffins and other colorful metaphors

I so wanted to be wrong about our hired DC boneheads. But they are dumber than a bag of hammers. I’m not sure about others but I’m tired of playing “Wall”  and wrestling this pig. I think I’ll keep dropping out, getting off the grid and ready to scoot if needed. My income is SSD and busted body, vet “benefits”. Funny when I busted 4 vertabrea in my back it didn’t feel beneficial. But stuff happens always and we serfs are left holding the bag. I’m working on the value added side of the game. I can’t grow wheat, but I can bake bread or make beer and propagate yeast. I can’t grow a lot of corn but I can make tortillas and good chips. I can’t grow beef but I can make good jerky.
Will it work? I don’t know. It’s just the best I can do. I’m having a hell of a lot fun learning stuff. If it wasn’t for that whole TEOWAKI or SHTF stuff I’d be having a great time learning and doing stuff.


3 Responses to Oh! muffins and other colorful metaphors

  1. Stephen says:

    We do what we can do, at least you are ahead of most and are aware of our bleak future.

  2. Kurt says:

    You're far ahead of most peeps. I just keep wondering why ya ain't married yet. Must be too picky lol

  3. You darn right i'm picky Kurt. How could you not be picky if you may spend several decades with a person. If you want get laid many gals and guys are very cheap as we know. I don't need a man. I love them in general and and as a sex but I don't need one to make me whole.

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