What a miserable weekend

Sorry folks, I had lotsa plans and the ole body just went into shutdown. I did get few things done this week and weekend just not what I had planned.  A good example of being flexible and move with the flow instead of against it. Stuff will always happen at the least convient moment, so a good lesson for me  that I should have already learned.
Anyhoo got my laptop and I’m uploading it with the books and games I want to have on hand if I got to boogie. More work to be done but it’s at home and ready to be filled with info.
Got  my pekes combed and brushed out. I think I could knit another dog from all the hair I combed off them.  Tried out a product (Bath in a Bag) from the local dollar store and it did a lot better job than I thought it would. Brand name Out! dog bathing wipes. Not perfect but a darn good subsitute for bathing a pet when water is hard to come by or a lot of work. I think you should do prep for your pets and have a least the same amount of basics for them on hand as you would yourself and your family.
So needless to say I bought a bit more silver and my Mom bought a bit more as well. Goodness knows we aren’t big players we just do the best we can. I’m doing darn good on the basics from bulk food , to meat stored in the freezer, to the garden. We sure ain’t the Hunt brothers we are just doing the best we can in a bad situation.

2 Responses to What a miserable weekend

  1. Laineyisat says:

    Hang in there!!

  2. Thanks, just a little whine with your cheese. It's very hard for everyone at times. but I'm okay, just God's way of assuring I don't get cocky. Boy is he good at that!

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