Balancing Act continues on unabated

    Huzzah, looks like this Flare of CIDP is easing up and I can get back to work on prepping. I got some bread baked and the beer fermenting over this last week.  Knocked down a few weeds with the weed wacker and few pulled out of the garden. It takes me some time to get stuff down in small  blocks with rest in between but at least now I can get something done.That’s the part of the physical “balance act”. We all have work around different claims on our time and energy. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get everything done at once. The Sun will rise the next day for you to do some more, and if the Sun doesn’t come up, you weeding your garden will be the least of your problems.
    So onto the financial balancing act. I’m a firm believer in the main focus of all prep should be getting 1 year worth of all your “basic needs” comes first. Then backups for “emergencies” like the flooding or fires that have caused so many evacuations. You should have camping gear you can throw in the car quickly, a prepacked RV or friends /family you can stay with out of the Impact Zone. A little cash on hand for gas and stuff to tied you over until you get to your destination. After you have all these thing taken care of you may feel a bit lost on what to do next in your prepping or at least I did somewhat so I started looking at being even more self-sustaining and independent.
GET OUT OF DEBT!! This is the most critical thing for independence. Pay off loans, credit cards and get rid of all debt as quickly as possible. Otherwise you are debt slave in this system. I really like the “Debt-free Living” system. I used it to get out and stay out of debt. I suck at using Credit Cards so I don’t have any, but I do have an Emergency Fund setup of 3 months of expenses and I’m working toward 6 months.  It does take a little time to get it done, especially with inflation of food and gas prices. Don’t get discouraged it will happen if you keep working at it. Pay cash or use layaway to make purchases. I’ve used layaway on everything from a Propane oven, 2 guns, to a laptop. Kmart/Sears offer an 8 week layaway program nation wide and it’s a great program.   lot more of local stores are starting to add layaway as an option.
   This can have a positive effect on how you look at your life. You start looking ahead toward the future and you have more control over your life instead of always reacting and being in “crisis management”. Like today I’ve been planning some Xmas shopping for next month. Christmas in July!! Now I  have several nice sweaters I bought at the Macy’s outlet for my sisters and ladies in the family that will be perfect gifts in December. In July camping gear and electronics go on sale so it’s a great time to pick up bargains. Those little video recorders, MP3/4 players, toys are in the Summer Doldrums and you can get some really great stuff without all the pressure of the Xmas season.  You don’t have to fight any crowds/mobs and actually enjoy the season. Heck I already got 2 turkeys sitting in the freezer for holiday meals. I’m hoping to do a Prime Rib again for New Years eve, and I want a fresh rib to cook. Since turkeys are already frozen anyway for Thanksgiving/Xmas I’ll take the money spent on turkey and spend it on prime rib instead in Dec.

This is what I am talking about as far as balance. You know that certain things will always happen from buying school supplies/kid clothes in August to Holidays to birthday presents and cards. Stock up now, you are not cheating you are being smart.


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