Nothing is ever easy….

     As I’ve said before if I wasn’t worried about the SHTF I’d be having a lot more fun discovering new/old ways of doing stuff. As it is I’m still having fun learning how to do stuff the old fashoned way. It’s just I feel a little more pressure on getting it right. Sometimes you got sit back and count your blessings and see how far you have come, how much you have changed, and how much you have accomplished. It’s all to easy to see what you haven’t done, how much more you need to do. It’s very easy to be negative instead of positive. That old cannard is the glass half empty or half full. Doubly diffacult when you have no control over what happens in your life.
    You can’t control your utility raising your rates, but you can get cheap and do your baking, laundry on the weekends when rates are low. You can cut done on gas usage a bit but you still need to get to work, and let’s face it most of us have a hard amount of fuel we will always use. I don’t think anyone can be totally self-sufficient, I think that’s why villages/tribes happen some folks have a special skill that requires they focus on making that valued item. The old village blacksmith for example: making a simple knife requires a lot of work and skill. They can’t be out farming or gardening because they make the tools. Or folks that farm takes up most of the day. they have no time to make a knife not even counting the investment of a simple forge and fuel or skills needed.
     There still is a lot you can do to help make yourself independent. Buy enough food for at least 6 months will get you into the next harvest. Preserve what you can and learn to make do. I know I’m learning all the time and trying new ways of doing stuff. My garden isn’t looking so great. Started all plants from seeds this year and weather has been a bit wonky. Practice and learn cause if SHTF you will deal with bad weather, poor soil and bugs or all kinds of things that screw up a perfectly good plan. Learn while you still have the backups of the grocery store. While you are learning you can still hit the farmer’s market and practice preserving your food if you don’t have a good harvest.
    I sometimes don’t realize how much I’ve changed from being a consumer to making a bit of the stuff  I need to live. But when I think about it I’m a problem for the “Elites”. I pay cash, I barter or trade, I buy low and eat high. I buy 2nd hand or I just make do without. I don’t have pension or 401k, I bank with a local credit union. I’m the problem, I won’t support the debt/credit economy. It’s “indenture servitude” or slavery by credit/debt.
Big bad Feds could take my home, fine I’m ready. I don’t like it and I’m happy to pay my mortgage. But the ultimate in power on any deal is the power to walk away.

2 Responses to Nothing is ever easy….

  1. Stephen says:

    Hang in there. I've been working towards my goals for over fifteen years now and it sometimes feels as if I'll never make it. In truth, the world of survivalism is a never ending path.

  2. Thanks for the encouragment. I know it's never done. I wouldn't get so worked up if I could get more folks on board, hence the blog. But I think I got a plan for this next go round of stupidity from our "Elites". I hope to flesh it out and post it up. Not because it will work for everyone. But it will be a place to start and maybe spark an idea or two.

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