Amber Ale in the bottles!

June 2, 2011

Amber ale is carbonating/conditioning after fermenting a few extra days because of a flareup I had. It seems okay as I took the lid off the fermenting bucket, nice yeast smell, almost fruit-like compared to the Wheat beer. The Hops I used had very fruity aroma and I think it came through very well. 
Bottling went  a lot quicker this time. I used some “Tall boy” bottles as well as a case of longnecks. I was better prepared and had set up a stool so I didn’t have to stoop so much filling bottles on the floor.
I almost  forgot to prime with sugar. I had the sugar already disolved and cooled and added it in 1/2 way filling the bottling bucket so no harm done.
I guess the last thing is to see how this batch carbonates in 7-10 days.

Did a taste test on the Amber ale. Still needs a bit more time carbonating/conditioning.   I really like the fruity flavor/aroma of the Cascade Hops. It’s not at all sweet, and very smooth on the tongue. I think this amber ale could end up as a great summer beer. Nice clean finish with just a bit of hoppy flavor that fills  the nasal cavity as it is swallowed.