Pajama Day

I got several nice sets of jammies. Now I do decalare a PJ day everyweek. I may clean house or bake bread or do nothing but read books or zone out on SpongeBob or Pinky and the Brain. I have nice jammies made fleese but you ban do the same with cottom t-shirts and sweats. You don’t Have  to do anything on PJ day. If you want to eat coco puffs and watch tv that’s cool. You got a great excuse for others that want you to do stuff…You are in your PJs.
   Buy nice jammies. Something you feel comfortable in and look nice. But it’s awesome to say to folks “why not”. They aren’t in charge of me and I won’t play your games. Who cares? If you answer that question you can move on! 


3 Responses to Pajama Day

  1. SciFiChick says:

    I think that PJ day is an awesome idea! I may have to declare one today! Hope You have a Super Day!

  2. Kurt says:

    You watch Spong Bob and Pinky and the Brain???? And you bake break on top of that??? Woman, I love you, you rock!

  3. Kurt: I really like the Dreamworks cartoons by Speilberg. More in the old Warner Bros./MGM cartoons of the 1940's- 1950's mode. I relly liked Rocko's Modern Life and Steve Hillenberger then went on to Spongebob. I think Rocko is very underated as a cartoon. Sci-fi: I think staying in PJ's does more for my mental attitude of being able to say no. We all deserve a day to play, to think, to reflect. Snuggle on the couch, play in the sprinkler or "Kiddee pool". Sometimes it's just good to be, rather than do. I often accomplish more by puttering in pjs than I would if I have a to do list. That's not the reason I do it. I'm not tricking myself, it's freedom to do or do not. I and I think many others don't let life happen…. We try to schedule every waking hour and we end up stressed and resentful against our own demands. We obsess over details and forget to see the plant grow, the smell of lilacs or roses, the sunset or sunrise in all it's glory.

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