Spent the last week working on Family/friends PCs

      Yes, I’m family tech support I’m not fast but I’m cheap. 2 fried hard drives via a very nasty bit of Malware. 2 very big differences on the amount of work fixing the problems. 1 person had a cloned drive with an external hard drive, about 20 minutes work to swap the drives. The other person had nothing on backup discs or external drives about 30  hours work just trying to fix, then  save some data off the drive. Professional data recovery is very expensive, but external hard drives are very cheap. From a jump drives to external drives to a small NAS box, you can save your data for under $50.00 and it’s very portable if you have to leave quickly. Most of us have our whole lives on a computer, from financial software to pictures. We don’t have photo albums we have slide shows. Our music is not on albums, cassettes or CDs but iTunes and Mp3s. We’ve become digitized, take away the internet, cell phones and laptops and some folks start going into electronic withdrawal that cause real physical symptoms.
       Prepping for me is all about not suffering needlessly in all aspects of life. So for your digital prep I recommend a jump drive of  at least 4 GB that you can carry with you on a key chain that has up to date pics of the home and hi-value items(for insurance), All family members and pets pictures for identification and posting. Critical papers from birth certificates, SS cards, ID or driver’s Lic., last year’s tax returns.  Titles to cars, boats and other toys. Resumes, Wills, insurance and whatever you think you may need to start a new life in a new place. It’s a bit of work to scan them and digitize. But after the first bit of work all you will need to do is update yearly. Unless you have a major purchase or life event.
I don’t think things will ever be easy if SHTF. But if you get ready now you can make things less hard.  


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