Physical Dollars on hand

     I hope most of us are aware of the digital money printing that the Fed has been doing and anyone who has tried to make a large withdrawal of cash usually has to call the day before so the bank/CU has time to get actual cash on hand.
I read an article that getting your hands on any physical greenbacks maybe impossible as the physical amount of dollars simply do not exist to cover digital dollars. The ratio seems to be for every 100 “Dollars” 90 are digital and only 10 are physical greenbacks. If the digital dollars are not accessible for any reason, everyone will quickly run out of greenbacks.
Perhaps I’m a bit slow, but I have just started keeping some cash on hand. I counted on being able to sell silver for greenbacks or trade. I see now that I was a bit shortsighted in that regard. Greenbacks/cash at least for while, will be critical to have on hand and not in a bank/ CU or money market account. Spend a month not using your checkbook, credit/debit cards and using all money orders or cash. Trust me it’s a real eye opener. 
     I’m also prioritizing my spending on my budget in the event of a bank holiday. Most utilities, mortgage, Sat TV can be put off or payed in digital dollars. I can’t imagine a bank holiday lasting for more than a week or two at most. If it does SHTF mode kicks in hard. I’m not advising anyone not to pay bills, just most of these items have a bit of leeway on the exact date they are due. Such as a home Mortgage is due the 1st of the month, but as long as it paid by the 15th no extra fees are incurred.
I’ve got a couple month’s worth of gas (if I am frugal) and plenty of food and water. So I don’t have to buy those items.
I think one month of bills, in cash on hand should be included in an “Emergency fund”. It will take me a few months to build it and my silver stacking will suffer a bit. I’ll just have suck it up for about 3 months for being a bit slow in realizing how the world has changed. By the end of the year I’ll be set.


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  1. Kurt says:

    Its all part of their slow, persistent drive to get us all using a digital currency. That way they control us better. If you control the computer the currency is "on", you control how it is used, or even whether it can be used or not. If you disagree with your elite betters, you could find your account frozen, leaving you unable to buy food or pay bills. If they leave the system with even a trace of physical paper currency available to be used, you can still get around that fairly easily. There is a method to their madness, they want the Dollar debased so bad that they are "forced" to devalue by creating a new currency, only this time it will be all digital. And when they do institute a new currency, in order to exchange the old paper for new digital, you will have to bring the old down to the bank, and then prove that you did in fact pay taxes on that specific set of old currency and that it was not earned illegally, such as through the drug trade. Both will be pretty close to impossible, so don't count on trading it in. Even if you can, they may have a set cap as to how much you are allowed to trade in as well, like they did in North Korea this last time.And everybody thinks that they're stupid lol.

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