If you want to be a debt slave or a serf in the NWO that’s on you…..

If you want freedom, you will have to take some risks. I’m sure you have been ridiculed by having bit of food and water stashed. Buying a few cheap guns, a bit of ammo, a few 50# bags of rice and or beans. You still haven’t invested as much $ in your prep as an Iphone and Ipad, not counting the contract.
   Now you do have a choice to make. Will you pay $500.00 for an Ipad?  an Iphone is going for about
$200.00 + not counting the data contract. So let us see Jamie gives me a $100.00 + shopping list and I get to eat for 6 months. Or I can expand it for all members in my family. Or I get an Iphone/Ipad and I probably buy on credit and pay intrest. A $700.00 dollar shopping list for your smartphone or Ipad or android, and no contract.
   Hell,  tell me what I’d buy with $700.00 dolars free and clear. If you can afford an Ipad or smart phone good on you. But don’t try to play me that an Ipad is more important than food for your kids. If you do I’ll call “shenanigans”.


3 Responses to If you want to be a debt slave or a serf in the NWO that’s on you…..

  1. Good point. It is very important to prioritize the "threats" to your survival. Like you, I'm a disabled veteran making too much money to qualify for any assistance, yet far below the poverty level. Every time the government runs out of money, they talk about cutting benefits from the people who can least afford it. When the wealthy members of Congress can't decide if they will honor their agreement to pay benefits should we become unable to work, I realized that self-sufficiency must become top priority, and I needed to take action now. I hired a bankruptcy attorney and started focusing on conserving as much cash as possible. Eventually, the bank will foreclose on the house, but hopefully I will have enough money stockpiled to be able to move if our income stops on August 2. Hang tough. You are not alone.

  2. Rev. The Gov. can pay all SS VA and disability from the monthly taxes and fees they take in. If they stop paying out checks it will be by choice. I think it's an empty threat/bluff! Can you imagine what would happen to the economy if those folks stop buying for a month? and most folks I know on Medicare pay the premium out of the SS check. So that would crash medicare. I use the VA system so I don't pay or use medicare

  3. ASR, Hah I have been called a kook by a few,but everytime there is a crisis or they think of one they all say they will come to my place.I just laugh. Many may be sadly surprised when they won't be welcomed.I bought a cheap but useable ph along with grain.They bought an I ph and nothing else Shame on em.ChinaIII

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