Been a busy week

     I think I got Dad’s PC up and working. I’m damn proud of the job I did, a nice, clean wiring job and the new case is whisper quiet. If not for the lights on the case you would not know it was on. I’m a bit of a PC mechanic, Dad buys the parts and I make them work then he gives a bit of money for my time. I do have a lot of older PC parts lying around so if you need replacement parts or an upgrade to an old PC I usually have parts on hand.
      Got some more fixin’s for an Amber Ale, need to bottle a Dark ale. I think the Wheat and Amber ales are the best so far.  The great bottled butter experiment with 8 oz. jars has commenced. If I can find a good tasting bacon for about $3.00 a pound I’ll can some more in wide mouth jars. Looks like we will see a drop in beef the next couple of months. Between the drought and rising feed costs, ranchers are killing off herds of cattle. Good for you now,  if you can store it. Next year’s Beef price will probably be very high!
       I think the garden is a bit of a bust. The bagged soil I used just isn’t that good for veggies, not bad for herbs and my citrus trees love it.  It’s okay getting veggies to can and local produce is coming into the stands. Just costs a bit more compared to a garden .But!! I’m learning.


One Response to Been a busy week

  1. Kurt says:

    I want your bacon canning recipe! Lol, I'm an addict: Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon……

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