Don’t screw with heat, be proactive

    Some of you are doing a lot already and trying to stay cool. No cooking inside with a stove, drinking lot’s of water, using fans and water to create a cooling effect: mini-fountans or ice buckets and burlap/behind fans.My Dad set up misters of PVC pipe and a garden hose that cools quickly. Another person in Texas put a soaker hose on his roof that seems to cool well.
If you have a basement or storm cellar think about sleeping below ground. Not perfect it’s a start and you need to get a good rest and sleep time.  If you get a headache drink more water, a pinch of skin and it doesn’t spring back in less than a half second, drink more water. Works for kids, adults and pets. Heat injuries can kill, don’t screw around with them. Watch urine output, and it should be a light yellow in healthy folks. If not make them drink more water until they pee.If they can’t drink water call 911 and get them to a hospital.


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