Please congress critters don’t play games with me.

     You want to freeze, SS and vet benefits. Please come out and say so instead of accounting gimmicks of the chained CPI. We have ate 2 years worth of inflation and no COLA with no increase in payments except we must pay more into medicare. I can eat a 10% cut, most can’t and would be thrown onto welfare roles of one sort or another. Theese are not folks that live high on the hog. They got no TARP bailout. Some actually invested in bonds and got screwed by your bail outs of GM and Chrysler. But you saved the unions, Dems and you Repubs are saving the banks. That $200,000.00 that the citizens a bit low to scrape by on? (Base pay of $175,000.00 and benies Congress critters ) President makes about $380,000.00  Plus you don’t have to follow the laws you enact.
    Let see you live on what I make of $18,000.00 per year and I live on your pay rate Mr. Obama? I ‘ll pay my Mortgage and won’t use Air force one or need secret service protection,  I’ll protect myself. So do this for a few folks that don’t have so much money they can’t spend. A few $20, 000.oo shouldn’t hurt you much. You got free housing and Michelle is growing a garden. It’ll be good You don’t need that money!
Or perhaps what an military mid-grade officer/enlisted makes per year in retirement? Mr. Obama if you have a couple of hundred grand you don’t know what to do with I can make some suggestions. We must be paying our government workers to much as they have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Let’s cut 25% across the board for all Federal employees.
    Yes that does sound dumb. I don’t care if you are rich or poor. I do want all I paid in in taxes and sacrificed in body and bone. VA health care and $18 grand a year I don’t think is much to expect. I don’t get food stamps, or anything else. I do get a bit peeved when some asshole pulling down almost $400,000. 00 per year and living rent free asks me to sacrifice.


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