If at all possible don’t go shopping the 1st week of August!

    I think I’m fairly well prepared, I hope you are as well. It’s awesome the first time when you go to the pantry and not to the store to get what you need. But no matter if you have 3 weeks or 3 years of all you need I’d stear clear of any shopping for the 1st week of August if possible. If you can get your fuel and other basics in the last week of July. Think of it as a practice run of shopping before a disaster. Use cash and barter, see what merchants locally might take some junk silver/ pre 1964 coins, always good info to know.
    I do think that all checks will go out from the Gov. in August, but folks are always a bit nutty and if scared you don’t want to be around them. I know I’m feeling a few butterflies myself and I’m well prepared. I can just imagine how someone with no preps/backups in place would feel some panic. Plus with the heat, rolling blackouts can make folks a bit more short-tempered than usual. So keep aware and if you get a bad feeling, trust it and get out of the way.


One Response to If at all possible don’t go shopping the 1st week of August!

  1. I certainly worried over nothing! I always assume that folks are paying attention and often they are not. Well it was a good test run even if it was a bit of a bust. I'm a bit concerned about the sheeple waking up and freaking out. Hell, I've seen what the do on sales during xmas.

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