Looks like a few more days of posturing in DC…Then the debt ceiling will be raised

     I’m not to heart broken. Oh, I know the system will crash eventually, but I am as ready as I can be. I didn’t really need more stupidity from DC to convince me I’m doing the right thing in preparing. Hopefully a few other folks “woke up” got a little scare and will prepare a bit. Though I’m not holding my breathe.
    Plus there are some really good buys I want to take advantage of. Lee has a complete reloading set up for $82.00 50th aniversary Factory sale. My local Big Lots has canning jars $7.25 for a case of 12 and all sizes from 1/2 pints to quarts. I prefer wide mouth lids but its hard to go wrong at that price.
     Yes my emergency fund and cash would have carried me for 3 months easily. When you live cheap and have few or no debts it’s easy to do. It’s just a lot of work to get there. I’m working on 6 month Emergency fund of bills and then I’ll start working on the mortgage next year. I know I can’t do it all at once, it takes time to build just like getting your preps. Hopefully I have plenty of time, if not I’ll do the best I can in the time given. Not perfect but it’s the best use of my resourses given what I know at this time.


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