DC needs to have a coming to reality meeting.

In any budget you must identify needs and wants.  What works as you planned and what has failed.

  1. Dept. of Energy is a fail, When it was created we were dependent on 55% for fossil fuels now it’s 77% and it has not created any new energy. It’s not working kill it.
  2. Dept. of Education is a fail: I’m fairly bright and work at a library and the internet. I can pass basic CLEP tests in history in flying colors. But I’d have a very difficult time just getting to higher learning in a pre- 20th century university, Hell even a 17th century of knowing some of what was considered then basics of higher learning.  Send it back to the states
  3. Kill the US postal service. All that is required is a postal service. Nothing is said that they must be government employees.
  4. Kill treaties: As Thomas Jefferson said friends to all and allies to none. Kick off the UN hell  off our land . They speak french send them back to Paris or Quebec. 
  5. Stop all government supported research. If companies want a leg up on monies see the banks or stock market.
  6. NEA:  If you like museums and art galleries and Opera pay for it. I love history and support history museums. I hate Opera, well I don’t hate Opera I just  don’t care enough to support it.
  7. NPR: How socialist is this outfit? I’m sure the good shows will be picked up by the cable channels.

I’m sure others would have a different bent. But why should anyone be forced to support anything you do not care about. I would leave it up to you to support what you care about and not be force to support what I care about. It’s your money do what you will.  I think Weird Al is very entertaining, you may love Wagner and Mozart. I think they all have value but I don’t think you should support what I like or vice a verse a.


3 Responses to DC needs to have a coming to reality meeting.

  1. ThriftyPuppy says:

    Great start. I'd add the EPA, ATF (aren't alcohol, tobacco and firearms legal?), and HHS to the list. And that's still just getting started!

  2. Toss in the NTSB, FEMA (biggest failure of them all), EPA, DOJ, NOAA fisheries division, NASA, NIA, OSHA (overkill in action), MSHA ("still killing miners a hundred years later" should be their motto), DOT (can we say "crumbling infrastructure?), DOD (why spend a dollar when you can spend a hundred), DOHHS (let's get EVERYBODY on food stamps), TSA (is that a travel size bottle of shampoo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?), DHS (leaving no citizen unsuspected)….

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