Can has been kicked down the road.

     It looks like SS, vets and the military will be paid for a bit longer. Huzzah! I get to pay my bills for a bit longer and have more time to prepare. This whole debt ceiling debacle has been a crap sandwich. I can’t fix anything, all I can do is remove my consent and stop feeding the beast. The PTB’s have proven they don’t care about the country or people but are simply interested in “playing the game”. So let the excuses and blame pour forth as they come home and try and convince everyone that they really tried hard, and it’s not their fault it was that “other guy’s fault or THEM”.  It makes no difference your political bent the story will be the same and told over and over. Only the boogy man changes based on who’s trying to get elected and who they have to pander to for votes.
       I’m holding off on PM purchases and building a bit of a cash stash for 1 month of bills. I think there is nothing to my CU having 2 months of “server problems” for Direct deposits on the first of the month for 2 months running. Both times the problem has been fixed within a few hours. But the CU gets crushed with calls if the money is not there when expected. It shows how even a couple of hours can make folks freak out. Can you imagine a day or two of money not getting deposited? Have little cash on hand and /or pay the critical bills one month ahead  That gives you some time to reset and prioritize.  I don’t like going for over a month cause things can change so quickly in this economy.
     So what am I going to do as an individual? A lot of the same ole same ole of getting ready,  tweaking my plans and branching out on being self-sufficient. A neighbor is looking at a “Barter Co-op” trading goods and services locally.  Making beer and wine has gotten a very positive response as a trade item. I’m looking at a reloading setup and casting lead bullets. I’ve done both in the past so I know what is involved, and I think it may be a  good trade item. I’m looking at a small solar energy setup for recharging and a few lights and perhaps will run a DC RV fridge. If I can make ice I got a great trade good for the summertime.
    You can’t just think outside the box. You have to change your whole mindset of what constitutes needs, wants and excess to trade/barter. You can’t do it all!  Lock that in right now, there are not enough hours in the day for you to do it all. Or perhaps you are handicapped or elderly. You are not useless I hope! You know stuff, you can watch kids or watch and provide security. You have comforted folks, treated a cold,  flu and more. You can tell stories, play cards and games. Learn more and become indispensable.  Trust me all those big he men will forget about keeping the birds and critters eating a garden while the patrol for “bad guys”. Or laundry, cooking and sanitation.  lol


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